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How to learn web development?

Today, the internet offers a wealth of knowledge through the provision of qualitative information on training programs. Everyone can access any type of information to know and learn about the subject.

Many websites offer online training to become a web developer in just a few months. Available for a fee or free of charge, it is adapted to the candidate’s initial level of competence. Indeed, a future developer who already has knowledge of programming languages or coding will not have the same needs as a novice destined for a career in the web. In his case, a long curriculum, with step-by-step learning of the basics, is more appropriate. A more experienced profile will be satisfied with a short training on specific subjects.

Learning a self-taught profile

To learn online independently, several choices are available to Internet users:

  • online tutorials
  • Specialized books in bookstores
  • Specialized blogs
  • Paid online training

Apprenticeship in alternation

The choice of work-study may also arise. It is an efficient way to train during your studies or to make a professional retraining. The alternating work-study program has the advantage of combining theory and practice, by alternating the student’s presence between school and the company. This confrontation with concrete projects allows for the effective assimilation of essential professional habits.

Finally, the schools or universities training in web development are numerous and offer, on different types of courses, to train and prepare students through a global teaching of web development and its programming languages. The art of coding is taught by professionals in the sector and will allow the learning of several disciplines:

  • computer networks
  • application development
  • computer language
  • Java development
  • the frameworks …

Initiated by a BTS or a DUT in computer science to prepare students for the basics of programming, the course of study can be continued by a Bachelor’s degree, a Master’s degree or an engineering degree.

Web development: HTML

HTML is a computer language used to format the different parts of a content and define its role and meaning. It allows you to use hypertext or to insert multimedia elements on a page, based on a tag system. HTML allows you to manage the dynamics of web pages, the way they will be displayed or the interaction with the user.

Web development: CSS

CSS, or cascading style sheets, is a computer language used for formatting HTML pages. This is an alternative to the previously mentioned tag system, allowing the developer to save considerable time. However, its use is more complex to assimilate and to take in hand. Its use requires a solid training.

Web development: Javascript

Javascript is a scripting language whose function is to add dynamic features to web pages. Thanks to it, the tasks are executed by the browser and not via the web server. It is therefore activated directly on the user’s computer rather than on the web server. Javascript is generally used to make the ergonomics more intuitive and simplified. It also acts on the visual aspect of the page. Finally, it plays a significant role in improving the speed of page loading.

Web development: command line

Command line development consists of interacting with a computer system by directly entering lines of textual instructions via a terminal, and not through a graphical interface. Once the commands are typed, they are interpreted by a Shell.

Web development : Git

Git is nowadays the most used version control system. It is an advanced open source project with a decentralized structure. Previously, only one location was dedicated to the complete software version history. In the case of Git, all working copies of the code are also a repository containing the complete history of all changes. Its use implies great flexibility, increased security and optimized performance.

Web development: Sass and SCSS

Sasse is a preprocessor scripting language that is interpreted in CSS. It is composed of two syntaxes:

  • indented syntax, allowing indentation in order to separate blocks of code from rules.
  • SCSS syntax, using the same block separators as CSS. It is a nested metalanguage that allows developers to write code more efficiently.

Web development : web design

The objective of web design is to organize the information contained in the web pages. For this purpose, multimedia objects or text will be used in order to adapt to the graphic environment of the page. It allows the assimilation of information and a clear and optimized navigation.

Web development : CSS framework

In computer programming, the framework designates a set of structural components used to develop the architecture of a software. This is a library that we import to help with front-end design.

Web development: Javascript framework

The javascript framework can be assimilated to a plugin that is integrated to a website to make it usable. It allows an ergonomic and simplified development, and offers the user a fluid and accessible experience.

Web development: back end programming language

In web development, the back-end represents the programming of the non-visible part of a web page or an application. In contrast to the front-end, it is about managing all the technical aspects allowing the user to navigate correctly.

Web development: databases

Databases are used by a large number of companies to store and analyze data. It is a kind of collection of information, organized in lines and tables, to be used later via adapted software.

Web development: servers (web, dns, ftp)

A web server is a device that provides various services to the client. Its operation is automated and is designed to respond quickly to a request.

  • The dns server is a computer service that translates the names of web site domains into IP addresses, allowing them to be easily registered.
  • The ftp server promotes the transfer of data between two computers. This exchange is made possible by a virtual external network. Its use allows the security of the data of a person or a company.

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Updated 4 May 2023