What is the work of a web developer?

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What is a web developer?

A web developer is in charge of designing websites, applications or computer programs that respond to a specific problem, at the request of companies or individuals.

The field of computer science being in perpetual movement, the web developer has the responsibility to constantly renew his skills in order to update them according to the market reality. The developer also takes on the role of computer technician once the project is completed. Indeed, it must ensure constant maintenance in order to guarantee the customer the good conformity of the product.

What is the role of a web developer in a company?

The role of a web developer is first to analyze the needs of a client and to determine the most suitable ergonomics for his desires. To do this, he will develop the program’s features using lines of code and various web development languages (JAVA, PHP, SQL…). The construction will be carried out according to precise specifications, established by a project manager. In addition to the creative aspect, he is responsible for testing his own program and correcting any flaws based on customer feedback.

What studies should I do to become a web developer?

To become a web developer, a student must follow a specific curriculum. Before beginning a multi-year training program, students must harmonize and specialize their knowledge through :

  • a BTS in computer science and networks for industry and technical services
  • a BTS in IT services for organizations – Software solutions and business applications course
  • a BTS in computer services for organizations – Systems and network infrastructure solutions course
  • or a DUT in computer science

Afterwards, the engineering schools take over and offer various Bachelor’s degrees. For a successful career, there are several useful training courses:

Although this is sufficient, the Bac +3 training can be extended by two additional years in order to specialize. Here are some examples:

  • Master Web Project Manager
  • Master in IS development
  • Master’s degree in computer science
  • Master of IT
  • MBA digital developer

What is the salary of a web developer?

At the beginning of their career, the remuneration of a web developer varies between 35 000 and 45 000 euros gross per year depending on the size of the company. This represents about 3300 euros gross per month, or an hourly rate of between 19 and 25 euros.

Depending on the size of the company, his experience and the computer languages he masters, his salary can change considerably. At mid-career, he/she can earn about 50,000 euros gross per year (about 4200 euros net) and at the end of his/her career, it is estimated that he/she will earn 65,000 euros gross per year (5500 euros net), i.e. an hourly rate of 35 euros per hour.

Of course, all these data are calculated without taking into account the 13th month, bonuses and various company participations.

What are the career paths of a web developer?

The development of the digital sector offers more and more career opportunities for web developers. They can offer their services to many types of companies such as IT consulting firms, website editors or even web communication agencies. The offer is abundant and the possibilities of evolution numerous. Along the way, the job of developer can take other forms and evolve into new opportunities, such as :

  • Expert in computer security
  • Software developer
  • Graphic designer
  • Technical architect
  • Telecom and network engineer
  • Webmaster
  • Integrator

What other types of jobs can a web developer do?

The field of computer science being very vast, the web developer can claim other jobs with the same base of studies. Here is a non-exhaustive list:

  • programmer analyst
  • development computer scientist
  • Design and development engineer
  • front-end developer
  • back-end developer
  • software development engineer
  • new technologies developer

Why work as a web developer?

The job of developer has many assets that make it a job with a very good dynamic:

  • The job can be done in total autonomy. Thus it is strongly possible to exercise it in Freelance or in telecommuting
  • With the development of new technologies, the demand for Web development is constant. Thus, it is a sector that does not suffer from unemployment. At the end of the program, employability is guaranteed
  • It is a job that we call “passion job”. Many students embark on the adventure of web programming out of a love of computer culture. It’s a way to combine business with pleasure by turning a hobby into a fulfilling and rewarding job
  • Like many high-demand jobs, the salaries offered are very attractive. Even if they are not very attractive at the time of hiring, the evolutions are fast and the salary increases very significant. In addition, the vast majority of employers offer permanent contracts. Much more than most other sectors. It is the assurance of a stable job, with many possibilities of evolution. For the most independent profiles, many freelance positions are available, allowing you to work in total autonomy.

What are the qualities and skills needed to be a web developer?

The profession of web developer requires the mastery of multiple skills and complex computer tools. The missions are numerous and varied and promise a job that is never routine. Here is a non-exhaustive overview of the characteristics needed to succeed in the field:

  • to be curious, to have an attraction for the new and the unexpected
  • have knowledge of the web and its trends
  • know the different coding and web development languages
  • Demonstrate rigor, endurance and autonomy
  • know how to be reactive and versatile
  • be at ease in customer relations and know how to listen to their needs

The ability to adapt is one of the rules of this profession. The environment is constantly changing and a developer must always be aware of the trends and news concerning development. It is an essential state of alertness in order not to be harmed professionally.

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Updated 2 January 2024