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What is a web development school?

Web development has become an extremely dynamic sector, bringing in its wake a host of new jobs directly related to coding and programming. Although there is a multitude of online training courses for self-taught people, the best way to acquire the complete knowledge to master the development of application or website remains the school of web development, providing a diploma certifying to prepare effectively for the web professions.

Thus, this type of course allows all beginners who wish to learn the essential fundamentals of the sector:

  • a mastery of different programming languages (Javascript, Css, Frontend, Backend …)
  • database and server management
  • an internship in a company with experts

Is ECE a web development school?

Accessible from the baccalaureate, ECE is a school preparing for the IT and web professions through numerous courses, in constant proximity with major companies of the sector. The school prepares high-tech and generalist experts as well as engineers to prepare the world of tomorrow.

ECE, among the different trainings available, offers a Bachelor in web and mobile development in order to assimilate the programming languages appropriate to the development of applications. The school also trains in production, design and Agile methodologies to ensure total mastery of the field. It is therefore a school that prepares students for the world of the web and, more generally, for the technological challenges of the 21st century.

What does a web development school train for?

Although programs vary from school to school, there is a common core of disciplines that are essential to mastering web development. These schools offer innovative and pedagogical programs, in order to satisfy students in their desire to succeed in a digital professional project. The objectives are multiple:

  • define a set of specifications
  • develop a computer program
  • master the different development tools such as .net, Jsp, eclipse…
  • develop a user interface on the desktop
  • design a database
  • master the various languages of web programming (Java, php, frameworks symfony Ajax, Angular JS …)
  • design a software solution
  • animate web pages with CSS3
  • Understand and manage the natural referencing of a site

How to enter a web development school?

The ways to get into a web development school are vast: that’s the advantage of getting into a fast-growing industry that values skills over degrees. It is not necessary to be a computer science or mathematics enthusiast in order to pursue such a program. To get started, it is also possible to take the path of multimedia project management, business, marketing, or design.

  • It is possible to prepare for the course by harmonizing basic knowledge by completing a BTS in computer science in a business school, or a DUT in multimedia and internet.
  • The most self-taught can, before wanting to enter a school, make a digital training specialized in web, directly after obtaining their baccalaureate.

Post-baccalaureate courses offer solid foundations in computer languages and programming, combined with specializations, such as web development, which have been recruiting particularly well in recent years.

Is it possible to be admitted to a web development school outside of parcoursup?

Despite the start of the school year, many students often struggle to find a place in a post-baccalaureate program. The situation is not hopeless and many computer science school programs are accessible without going through the parcoursup process.

These programs recruit outside of the “parcoursup”, by file, by written tests or after a motivation interview in order to evaluate the initial level of the student, as well as his/her professional project. Admission requirements are relative to each institution, but the sector places great emphasis on skills, autonomy and web culture. This is a field that particularly favors self-taught profiles.

What are the career opportunities after a web development school?

The web domain is a fast growing sector. Thus, there are many job opportunities and employability is assured upon graduation. Graduates can thus be hired in various companies that need to develop web projects in Internet of SSI, in IT consulting firms, in web communication agencies or in video game publishers. After a few years of experience, the web developer will be able to move towards web and IT jobs such as :

  • Technical architect
  • Programmer Analyst
  • Digital Project Manager
  • multimedia developer
  • telecom and network engineer
  • web designer …

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Updated 2 January 2024