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Education and training: how to become a web developer?

There are many training courses to become a web developer. In the vast majority of cases, it is preferable to have obtained a Bac +2 (either a BTS or a DTU in computer science which constitutes an upgrade), to then pursue a specialization with a Master 2 in computer science.

Other schools or training centers offer longer or shorter courses depending on the student’s initial skills (face-to-face or distance learning). There is no single path to this profession. The essential elements to launch into such a course are above all a passion for computer science, a solid web culture and the learning of different web creation languages (HTML, Javascript, CSS…).

It should be noted that many small and medium-sized companies are not necessarily looking for the most qualified or the most educated. Competence and autonomy are the most important factors, which is why many professionals are self-taught and have preferred to take a short training course to learn the various programming languages.

Is there any professional training to become a web developer?

Would you like to become a web developer as part of a career change? A student can choose between several courses. Before starting his training, the student must harmonize his knowledge through :

  • a BTS in IT services for organizations – Software solutions and business applications course
  • a BTS in computer services for organizations – Systems and network infrastructure solutions course
  • or a DUT in computer science

Afterwards, it is possible to complete a Bac +3 in an engineering school by choosing one’s specialties, according to one’s desire for orientation:

  • Bachelor front-end developer
  • Bachelor in mobile application design

As such, ECE offers a Bachelor’s degree in web and mobile development allowing to acquire all the skills necessary to the production of a mobile application, and to manage all the design steps.

  • Bachelor in Software and Networking Project Management
  • Licence pro Internet professions

The Bac +3 training can be extended by two additional years to specialize in

  • Master Web Project Manager
  • Master in IS development
  • Master’s degree in computer science
  • MBA digital developer

Is the salary of a web developer attractive?

A web developer earns, at the beginning of his or her career, a salary of between 35,000 and 45,000 euros gross. That is 3,000 to 3,700 euros gross per month. Of course, this salary is relative to the experience and location of the company. Another adjustment variable is the languages mastered by the developer. These will have a strong impact on the rate of return.

The most experienced see their remuneration evolve towards sums close to 65,000 euros gross per year, i.e. a salary of approximately 5,500 euros gross (35 euros per hour).

It is clear that a web developer enjoys, in general, a good salary and interesting salary increases during his career. There are many opportunities for career advancement and employability.

Web developer: is it better to be a front-end developer, back-end developer or full-stack developer?

Faced with the technical complexity of recent web projects, it has become necessary to divide the profession into several qualifications.

  • The Backend developer will work with server languages. His work is not directly visible to the user, he acts on the internal workings of the platform. Its role is to code operations that will be executed by the server. It is also responsible for the security of the code. Indeed, it is the last barrier before the processing and the return of a result in front of a request.
  • The front end developer is inseparable from the back end. Unlike the first, its role is to act directly on the interface through which the user passes. It sets up a structure to display the data on the screen. It creates menus, buttons, form fields and programs secure interactions with the platform.
  • The Fullstack developer condenses both skills and adds a few more. It is a real Swiss Army knife of development. In addition to knowing how to carry out Backend and Frontend actions, he can also appropriate other skills of the sector such as :
    – Graphic designer
    – Project Manager
    – Database administrator …

For an employer, a Fullstack developer is much more interesting as it is economical. However, his ability to manage many areas can make his work qualitatively lower, but with a higher output. The full stack is therefore less expert than its predecessors, but more versatile. It is more likely to be hired because of its adaptability, but it is still less competent than the two fields mentioned above. It’s a matter of choice. However, the sector will always need expert and specialized developers such as Frontend and Backend.

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Updated 2 January 2024