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Definition: what is a web development software?

Web development software ensures that programmers have an optimized creation process and save a lot of time. All actions are facilitated, from visualization to coding, maintenance or communication between members of the same team.
The use of a Web development software allows to refine its objectives and to facilitate its production thanks to the use of numerous technological tools, often at lower cost. Web navigation, maintenance or referencing are all elements that will gain in optimization.

Workflow and web development: how does web development software streamline workflow?

Regardless of the size of the company, all companies must have software that is efficient and effective to ensure customer satisfaction. However, the potential distance between employees due to new work methods (telecommuting, nomadism…) does not ensure optimal collaboration.

Workflow management software assists companies with functional and efficient tools to ensure a constant workflow and streamline workflow management. However, companies must be careful to choose the best software available on the market:

  • is a workflow software made popular thanks to its particularly intuitive interface. All essential work concepts are grouped together to assist employees. It provides a streamlined communication platform, delivery date management, scheduling capabilities and automates various actions for users

  • Wrike

Wrike is a software that works with the vast majority of CMS and storage platforms. Its interface is easy to use and offers a digital assistance feature for creating reports according to the needs of each team. There are also tools for budget tracking or Gantt charts

  • Kissflow

Kissflow is a flow management software with several necessary tools. In addition to task tracking and project management, it offers code-free business application development wizards. This way, the user can compile several used applications by exploiting first-hand knowledge.

  • SolarWinds Web Help Desk

Another workflow management software, its simple and accessible interface streamlines job scheduling, constantly monitors job progress and facilitates job control by setting predetermined parameters. When a task requires the input of multiple teams, the program facilitates task sharing for seamless collaboration.

  • SmartSheet

Smartsheet provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface focused on execution. Professionals can optimize their performance, collaborate with other employees regardless of team size, and handle multiple tasks simultaneously for maximum productivity. Smartsheet can be integrated with calendar, dashboard or storage platforms.

Focus on the best tools for front-end web development


Codepen is an aesthetic and intuitive software for open source coding, online, for front-end developers. Programming is simple, one side of the screen allows you to code in a text editor and the other side allows you to visualize the result in real time. Many front end libraries are integrated (CSS, HTLM, JAVASCRIP…) as well as original design patterns and frameworks.


Created by Twitter, Bootstrap is one of the most widely used open source front-end framework tools among developers. In terms of interface, the components used are the most common (drop-down lists, navigation bar, buttons, forms …) which makes the programming of websites easily achievable through predefined elements.

Sublime Text

Sublime Text is a very popular code editor because of its ease of use. Designed to facilitate programming for the greatest number of people, the software has user-friendly and practical features. We can mention the goto anything function that makes navigation faster, auto-indentation, the possibility of saving shortcuts to memorize keystrokes…A wide variety of programming languages are supported, like MAC OS or Linux.

React JS

React JS is a provided and flexible JAVASCRIPT database, facilitating the creation of complex high-performance user interfaces from reusable components. Remember that JAVASCRIPT is one of the most popular development languages because of the many features it offers. Over time, React JS has become one of the most popular web tools in front-end development.

Chrome developer tool

Directly integrated into the Google Chrome browser, its uniqueness lies in the fact that it can quickly visualize the rendering of a website directly in the browser. Thanks to this ease of support, the programmer can easily make changes to CSS styles and codes, and act on many elements on the screen. Effective tools are available to optimize the speed of loading the site, analyze bugs, work on the DOM …


Angular is a software that simplifies front-end development, thanks to an accessible and simplified environment. Mostly used for single page applications, Angular allows to extend the HTML syntax for WEB applications. This tool is a framework designed by Google.

Font awesome

Font awesome is a graphic toolkit well known to web developers. For those who want to liven up their production with photos, scalable vector icons, and graphics, Front awesome makes it easy to integrate these aesthetic elements. Its compatibility is very wide, most browsers support it smoothly.

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Updated 2 January 2024