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What is a pro web development license?

The Licence pro développement web is a training of level BAC +3 giving the possibility to the candidate having already followed a preparation of two years, to be trained in the field of the Internet programming.

This program provides mastery of topics such as application development, software engineering, and networking technologies. The objective is simple: to train future computer scientists capable of combining their skills with those of other disciplines, in order to create innovative and content-rich web applications.

Mostly carried out in engineering school, the Bachelor’s degree will be validated by an internship at the end of the year, giving the opportunity to put into practice the theoretical notions assimilated throughout the course.

Why do a pro web development degree?

For several years now, the IT sector has been attracting new students throughout France. In fact, there is a 3% increase every year. The field of web development is not left behind and is, in 2019, one of the most sought-after profiles by employers on Linkedin. There are several reasons for this growing attraction to the sector:

  • The professional degree in web development provides a complete training in programming methods and languages. The demand is strong and calls for profiles with a strong web culture. Many enthusiasts can thus combine their love of computers and design with a job of the future, leaving room for autonomy and independence
  • As many professions emerge, the demand for developers is constantly increasing. Thus, obtaining a Licence pro ensures guaranteed employability at the end of the program. The teaching provided by experts ensures a particularly wide range of skills that recruiters will appreciate. In addition, the remuneration is attractive and highly progressive throughout the career. It is one of the sectors with the greatest recruitment dynamics.

What are the skills acquired in a web development license?

Students following a web development degree tend to become competent integrators, able to carry out projects in synergy with other talents. Once the developer has acquired a solid web culture, he or she will be confronted with the problems of specifications, multimedia integration and digital communication. At the end of the course, the candidate will have acquired a number of new skills, essential to his future profession:

  • master the different methods of project management and monitoring
  • Manage the development of a project, from the study of the specifications to the production launch
  • master the design of programming software
  • Know the different code languages and all the web development technologies
  • master the essential legal notions, in particular image and copyright law
  • master the design of frameworks via standard development platforms

What is the price of a pro web development degree?

Each school is free to set its own fees according to its programs, location, teachers and reputation. It is difficult to make an average as the courses offered cover so many different disciplines. Let’s take the example of the ECE Bachelor program:

  • First year of the Bachelor’s degree: 6650 euros per year
  • Second and third year of the Bachelor’s program: 7750 euros per year
  • Bachelor’s degree in work-study: Tuition fees paid by the host company

Concerning the tuition fees for foreign students outside the European Union:

  • First year of Bachelor’s degree: 7140 euros per year
  • Second and third year of the Bachelor’s program: 8240 euros per year

What are the job opportunities after a web development degree?

Once the diploma is in his pocket, a web developer can expect to earn a salary between 24,000 euros gross and 35,000 euros gross per year. As you progress, your salary can double depending on your experience and the type of company. Thus, the services of a web developer can be provided in many areas:

  • Web and communication agency
  • IT consulting firm
  • social networks
  • video game and software publisher
  • site editor

In the long term, and after several successful years of professional experience, the position can evolve towards new responsibilities:

  • IT project manager
  • web architect
  • expert in computer security
  • telecom and network engineer
  • referrer
  • web designer

As the field is growing rapidly, employability is guaranteed after the completion of the course of study. The job opportunities cover a wide range of professional possibilities and sectors, with particularly interesting possibilities of evolution.

Does the ECE offer a pro web development degree?

ECE school offers one of the most recognized Bachelor pro web development among those proposed on the territory. Benefiting from the best notions of ergonomics and security, the candidates choosing the Web & Mobile Development specialization will have a complete teaching concerning the adequate programming languages to develop applications for the new mobile platforms (Smartphone, tablet…). The curriculum will be validated by a compulsory internship, integrating the student in his future professional environment.

After a Baccalaureate (general, technological or professional) and two years of certification of BTS or DUT computer science, the License will allow the assimilation of several concepts:

  • Mastery of the latest web technologies.
  • Mastery of the various notions of ” design ” when developing applications.
  • Mobile application development in iOS and Android environments.
  • Agile development methodologies
  • Languages and human training
  • Workplace Preparation Course

Is it possible to apply to ECE when doing a web development pro degree?

ECE is committed to welcoming students once they have completed their high school diploma, in France and abroad. It is possible, while being in a Licence pro in web development, to apply to the Bachelor web development in order to acquire a complementary education to deepen its knowledge.

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Updated 2 January 2024