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What is a master in mobile application development?

The master in mobile development aims to deepen the skills of students on various topics such as programming, different web development languages, and new digital issues. This program is equivalent to a Bac +4 or +5 and is defined as the last stage of specialization before professionalization. Categorized as level 1 by the State and level 2 through certain courses, it takes one or two years to complete (depending on the course and options) and is carried out in multimedia or computer science schools.

Why do a master’s degree in mobile application development (master web mobile)?

When you are destined for a career as a web developer, doing a Master’s degree in mobile application development is a great opportunity to hone your skills and maximize your chances of success. The benefits of the cycle are many:

  • Successful completion of a Master’s degree ensures a level of excellence that is recognized in your future professional sector. Obtaining a Master’s degree allows you to enter the big league and provide expert level diagnoses. It is the ultimate rank of knowledge and respectability in this field.
  • Due to the expansion of the IT field and the constant demand for positions of responsibility, the Master 2 level of qualification is particularly sought after by professionals. Thus, this precious credential allows you to target the most rewarding and lucrative jobs
  • Completing a Master’s degree in mobile application development gives a student with extensive training in various specialties a new field of expertise. The plurality of his knowledge and the mastery of many tools allow him to open a host of opportunities and positions. The choice of professional sector becomes almost unlimited at this level of expertise.

Does ECE offer a master in mobile application development?

ECE does not offer a master in mobile application development. However, the school has a Bachelor’s degree in web and mobile development (Bac+3) to prepare students for the various programming languages. The program provides an adapted methodology and direct access to the latest web technologies.

In terms of Master’s degree, ECE offers several programs around high technology:

  • Msc Cybersecurity Manager (Bac +4 and Bac +5), a Master’s degree offering a dual managerial and technical professionalization. Its objective is to train in new cybersecurity techniques and to anticipate digital threats.
  • MSc Data Engineer & Artificial Intelligence (Bac + 5) prepares students for jobs in digital transition, artificial intelligence and Big data. The objective is to meet the economic challenges of digital transformation by preparing students for the creation of new services, strategy and marketing

What do you study in a master’s degree in mobile application development?

The Master’s degree in mobile application development provides practical and technical knowledge, and gives the student a high level of computer skills. The main themes addressed are the following:

  • JAVA development on Android
  • CMS wordpress
  • mobile and interface design
  • HTML5, CSS3, Angular 5 development, …
  • UML Modeling
  • PHP 7 language
  • digital distribution platforms
  • mobile web
  • webmarketing
  • information system security
  • natural referencing
  • programming language
  • IOS development
  • history of mobile applications
  • programming framework
  • IS project management
  • E trade
  • Preparation for TOEIC exams

How do I get into a master’s degree in mobile application development?

If the majority of mobile application developers are computer engineers specialized in the Web, there is a significant amount of specialized training to access this profession. More and more schools are offering courses in this field.

After graduating from high school, it is necessary to have a Bac +3 diploma, such as a Bachelor’s degree in web and mobility software engineering for example, to start a specialization in 1 or 2 years. Pre-selection is based on an analysis of the student’s file, including all results from previous years, as well as a preliminary oral interview to assess the student’s level of commitment for the end of the program.

What are the opportunities of a master in mobile application development?

The computer and Web sector is booming. Thus, the opportunities are numerous and touch a large number of professional fields. Because he masters the different programming languages, and for each IOS, the possibilities are immense and the demand is constantly increasing. If the candidate chooses to complete his or her course of study in a work-study program, he or she will have an even easier time entering the job market. At the end of his training, the student will be able to practice as :

  • programmer analyst
  • lead developer
  • software and web architect
  • e-business consultant
  • internet manager
  • web project manager
  • webdesigner
  • front-end or back-end web developer
  • internet and new technology engineer
  • mobile application developer
  • integrator

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Updated 2 January 2024