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What does a bachelor’s degree in web and mobile development consist of?

The bachelor’s degree in web and mobile development takes place over three years, in a specialized school, and consists of preparing students to develop web solutions that meet the desires of clients. The mastery of the latest technologies and that all aesthetic and technical aspects are reviewed in order to offer a complete teaching. The student is also required to manage IT projects from a precise specification, through its production, to its maintenance. The disciplines studied are varied:

  • Web technology
  • Project management and methodology
  • android mobile application development
  • Ios mobile application development
  • Languages and human training
  • courses leading to a professional qualification

Even though it varies according to the institution, the program can generally take place as an initial training or as a sandwich course. In the latter case, the schools put students in constant contact with partner companies in order to prepare them effectively for their future professional environment. In addition, this type of training has the advantage of being financed by the company hosting the student. This is a significant option in the face of the sometimes high cost of private schools.

Does ECE offer a bachelor in web and mobile development?

ECE offers a bachelor’s degree in web and mobile development in order to prepare students to master the tools necessary to program applications that meet customers’ requirements. In initial training or in apprenticeship, the curriculum emphasizes essential points in the design of a digital platform:

  • know the most relevant web technologies
  • manage Agile development methods
  • know all the different aspects of programming (front-end and back-end in mind)
  • know how to develop mobile applications on Ios and Android

Through the various projects carried out during the training, the student is brought to manage several fundamental aspects in order to acquire the necessary skills:

  • web technology
  • foreign languages and human formation
  • management methodology and project
  • training courses preparing for life in a company

What are the objectives of a bachelor’s degree in web and mobile development?

The objectives of a bachelor’s degree in web and mobile development are multiple and ensure that the student masters the technical aspects of web project development. They also allow him to ensure the maintenance of the site or the application. His mission is to code, implement and test websites or web applications that meet the specific needs of a client (company or individual).

This bachelor’s degree prepares students for careers in web development. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the possibilities available to him:

  • develop digital solutions that meet a customer’s needs.
  • develop the front-end of a user interface
  • develop the back-end of this same interface
  • design databases
  • develop components using adapted web languages
  • develop an interface organized in layers
  • implement the prototype of an application and manage its deployment

What are the skills acquired during a bachelor in web and mobile development?

Following a bachelor’s degree in web and mobile development, the student is ready to design relevant digital interfaces that will satisfy all types of professional demands. Thus, the curriculum allows graduates to acquire and apply unique skills:

  • the different programming languages
  • mobile development
    responsive design
  • design the computer and technical language in English
  • manage a project from A to Z
  • knowledge of digital architecture and database design
  • to know all the concepts of Marketing
  • E-business management

The first two years of the bachelor’s degree in web and mobile development

The first two years of the Bachelor’s program allow the student to assimilate essential skills that represent an indispensable foundation for understanding the subject:

  • fundamentals of computer science
  • web technologies
  • graphic tools
  • right
  • prototyping
  • motion design
  • cloud solutions

The third year of the bachelor web and mobile development

The third year consists of consolidating what has been learned and going further in the specialization. Even if, once again, the programs are relative to each institution, there is a common core for all courses. Here is a partial list of the subjects that students will be exposed to:

  • digital economy
  • advanced natural referencing
  • digital communication
  • web integration
  • front-end and back-end development
  • object development and framework
  • graphical design
  • web and print graphic production tools
  • web ergonomics …

Further studies: what to do after a bachelor’s degree in web and mobile development?

After obtaining the diploma, the student will be in possession of a certified RNCP level 6 title (i.e. a Bac +3). It is then possible to continue one’s studies and deepen one’s knowledge by specializing in different Master’s degrees (over two years). This ultimate distinction will provide a high level of expertise in terms of data protection and digital defense. The schools specialized in development and web offer several courses among which:

Master in software engineering

This technical training allows the student to deepen his knowledge on subjects such as:

  • Advanced programming
  • modeling and navigation (SAX, DOM, XPath…)
  • Network security
  • Languages and communication

Master in web development

This training, directly linked to growth sectors such as information or leisure, offers to train future Internet project managers as well as to refine their knowledge of marketing and communication. The objectives of the curriculum are:

  • Supervision of web project developments (via tools such as webApp, Ios, Android…)
  • mastering the social issues of the Internet
  • complex algorithms

Master in cybersecurity

This highly regarded course offers challenging training modules, allowing you to confront topics as broad as :

  • understanding cybercrime
  • management of information systems
  • operational management of IT security
  • regulation and law
  • PKI infrastructure

What are the opportunities for a bachelor’s degree in web and mobile development?

Once you have a bachelor’s degree in web and mobile development, it is possible to work in a fast-growing sector that is constantly looking for new talent. Thus, many types of companies, of various sizes, are likely to hire quickly. The opportunities are varied and the types of jobs requiring the skills acquired are numerous:

  • content developer
  • machine learning engineer
  • web designer
  • webmaster
  • UI/UX designer
  • project manager
  • social media manager
  • multimedia designer and developer
  • web architect

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Updated 2 January 2024