ECE: the Grande École of Digital Engineering

Why study in an engineering school?

An engineering school is ideal for young people considering a varied career in technological fields.

Within ECE, several majors and minors can be chosen by the students following the Grande École d’Ingénieurs program with the choice in 4th year of a major among health and technology, quantitative finance, aeronautics and robotics or energy & environment. Bachelor’s students can train for the many professions in software development, data and cybersecurity.

MSc students have awide choice of specialties.

To study at ECE is to evolve in a high-tech environment and to meet passionate experts who are constantly reinventing everyday life and preparing the future!

ECE among the best post-bac engineering schools!

  • L’ÉTUDIANT: 15thRanking of the best post-bac engineering schools in 2023.
  • LE FIGARO ÉTUDIANT: 7th post-bac – Ranking of the best post-bac engineering schools 2023.
  • L’USINE NOUVELLE: 6th in the overall ranking of Engineering Schools 2023.
  • EDUNIVERSAL : Engineering : 7th Grande Ecole of post-bac engineering
    Bachelor :1st in Data,1st in Cybersecurity,1st in Web DevelopmentRanking 2023

ECE is one of the 204 engineering schools accredited by the Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur

What is an engineering school?

ECE is a private engineering school training each year thousands of French and foreign students in a plurality of scientific, technical and technological fields.

It is accredited by the CTI, the Commission des titres d’ingénieur, and meets the highest standards of engineering education.

The customization of courses allows students to build a curriculum rich in opportunities and corresponding to their personal and professional aspirations.

The school where everything becomes possible

ECE’s mission is to train engineers and experts in digital engineering capable of meeting the challenges of the dual revolution of digital technology and sustainable development in all sectors of the economy: energy, environment, health, aeronautics and space, automotive, railways, finance, etc. The development of our students is our priority. The support of the teaching staff, the projects, the international dimension and the numerous associations are there to encourage this.

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    Our campuses

    ECE is four campuses in the heart of four major cities!

    With the ECE, which city can I choose to attend an engineering school?

    In France, ECE is present in four different cities, namely Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux and Rennes. Theinternational dimension also plays a key role in this engineering school, since students can spend semesters in foreign partner institutions and internships in international companies throughout their studies.

    Attending an engineering school in Rennes

    From September 2023, young people will have the opportunity to enroll in the 1st and 3rd year of the Bachelor Software Engineering program in Rennes. This pleasant city has also become an important employment area, particularly in the innovation and new technology sectors. It is a logical choice for those who wish to train in these promising fields and take advantage of the many professional opportunities for engineers.

    Attending an engineering school in Paris

    Nestled in the heart of the Eiffel Campus and a stone’s throw from the most famous iron tower, ECE Paris offers all the necessary comfort to study at ease in the capital. There are many events, as well as interventions of professionals recognized in their fields. The eight majors of the Grande École program can be studied, as well as all the Bachelor and MSc specializations. For example, students can choose the Information Systems and Cybersecurity or Big Data & Analytics majors in the Grande École program or the Web and Mobile Development or Digital Business & Data specializations in the Bachelor’s program.

    Attending an engineering school in Lyon

    The former Citroën building, once called “the world’s gas station”, is now home to ECE Lyon, where students can take the first three years of the Grande École program as well as the MSc Data Engineer & Artificial Intelligence. It is within this historic building with its art deco style and in an illustrious neighborhood that the engineers and technicians of tomorrow evolve.

    Attending an engineering school in Bordeaux

    Lovers of gentleness and tranquility are not left out, as ECE is also present in Bordeaux since 2019, joining other schools of the OMNES Education group that had made their home there. On the banks of the Garonne River, students in the Grande École and Bachelor’s programs are blossoming in the scientific fields of their choice. For example, some choose the Connected Objects, Networks and Services major of the PGE, while others choose the Security Developer specialization of the Bachelor’s degree.

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    The school of digital engineering to meet the challenges of the dual revolution of digital and sustainable development.


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