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Discover in this article all the digital resources available to ECE students.

What types of resources and tools are available to ECE students?

As an engineering school specialized in digital and new technologies, ECE reinvents everyday life and prepares students to be actors of the world transformations.

In addition to offering comprehensive and professional training, the school does everything possible to facilitate the overall experience of its students. In particular, it provides them with digital resources to facilitate their learning or their daily activities.

Some of these resources promote a new approach to learning, based on creative content and youth engagement. Initiatives such as PACT encourage students’ civic engagement and raise their awareness of crucial social, economic and sustainable development issues. Finally, resources such as NEMO allow students to find a work-study program or an internship during their training.

Use Boostcamp and SHIFT(s) programs to transform the way you learn

The JIT offers two resources dedicated to the learning of new skills and knowledge:

  • the Boostcamp platform
  • SHIFT(s) programs

Boostcamp is your daily companion. It is an online platform that gathers your courses, your schedules, your grades or your assignments. This platform allows you not only to access courses in your specialty, but also to train in all areas taught in other schools of the OMNES Education Group.

So, even as an engineering student, you can expand your horizons with the 75 courses available in communications, design, business and management, or political science.

This transdisciplinary logic also applies to the SHIFT(s) programs, since they bring together various master classes and online lectures. Spread over three years, SHIFT(s) programs allow you to reflect on important societal issues and obtain new skills. These are validated by academic and professional certifications.

Get involved in volunteer and solidarity missions with PACT

Making a difference during your studies at ECE is possible with PACT (Programme d’Action Citoyenne de Terrain), an initiative proposed to students entering their first year.

Thanks to PACT, you can engage in short solidarity missions with an association of the SOS Group, the first social structure in France. Like many students, you may be sensitive to particular causes: the fight against exclusion and social inequality, support for seniors, climate crises… PACT gives you the opportunity to act for the common good and to live high-impact experiences.

Coupled with the numerous associations available at ECE, this program allows you to add a human and fulfilling dimension to your student life. For example, you can participate in digital support missions in EHPAD or map the potential partners of a social center.

You will be able to get involved in associations such as Restos du Coeur, Makesense, Espoir CFDJ or Emmaüs Connect.

International students, prepare your arrival in France with “Bienvenue en France” and Pardon my French

The ECE opens the doors of the world to you. All students are required to have an international experience during their studies, whether it be semesters at partner institutions or internships abroad.

Each year, ECE also welcomes many foreign students. To facilitate their installation, they are encouraged to use “Bienvenue en France”, a digital pathway allowing them to improve their French, understand the cultural codes of the country and benefit from support in their administrative procedures.

In addition, they can play the role of Alice, a Japanese student in France, through the immersive game Pardon my French . Confronted with everyday situations on campus, in transportation or with their friends, they will be able to acquire the right reflexes and better adapt to French life!

Thanks to NEMO, find your internships, your work-study programs and your first job

Do you want to combine theoretical teaching with practical experience during your studies? Choose to learn!

To help you find your company, ECE proposes you to use NEMO, a unique platform listing all the job offers of our partner companies. You will be able to upload your CV, apply for jobs and track all your applications.

But beware, NEMO is not only for the alternation! The platform also features internship, VIE and first job offers. Finally, it gives you the chance to participate in mock interviews, conferences and job roundtables organized by the school’s Corporate Relations Department.

Updated 2 January 2024