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“To understand how digital technologies play a role in improving health. To put the user and his or her particularities at the centre of the solution designers’ concerns.”

Frédéric RAVAUT

Head of the Health & Technology Major

Understand the issues and participate in the health care of tomorrow

The Health & Technology Major aims to present the applications of engineering training in professions closely or distantly related to health. It provides the knowledge and medical vocabulary necessary for communication between the engineer, the patient and the health professionals, and enables the creation of a network of contacts in this sector of activity.

The objectives of the training

  • Understand the user’s need.
  • Putting the end user at the center of solution development.
  • Work in collaboration with health professionals while learning to manage teams and projects.
  • Develop innovative solutions that improve the quality of care and patient management.

Program of the Major

The Health & Technology Major puts the engineer in a situation to better understand the disease or disability and to place the end user at the center of the designer’s concerns.

It helps to understand the complexity of health systems on a national and international scale, both in terms of the coverage of healthcare costs and the exchange of information, regulations, the marketing of medical devices, security and standards applicable to information systems as well as to connected objects which today invade the patient’s daily life and play a major role in his follow-up.

It places the engineer alongside doctors and patients in medical innovation.

  • Anatomy, physiology, pathology
  • Biological signals and instrumentation
  • Signal processing and analysis
  • Disability and prostheses
  • Surgery, neuroscience and implants
  • Cellular neurobiology
  • Health Robotics

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ZOOM on Frédéric RAVAUT, Head of the Major

Doctorate in computer science from the University of Paris 5 (René Descartes) in 1999. Mr. Ravaut then studied the digital processing of the “ seizure video / electroencephalogram (EEG) ” pair in the context of childhood epilepsy. Today, he devotes his research to unconventional human/machine interfaces and more specifically to the thought-based control of machines.

Examples of opportunities

  • Design and optimization of disability support tools
  • Innovation and maintenance of large equipment
  • Design of connected objects to improve health practices and promote home care
  • Health Information Systems Engineer: Carte Vitale 1 and 2, Dossier Médical Personnel DMP, Health databases collected by connected objects, Big Data….

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Updated 9 May 2022