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La data est l’or noir du 21ème siècle. Il faut comprendre et maîtriser les technologies qui permettent de la collecter, la sécuriser, l’analyser et d’en extraire l’information.

Hanen OCHI

Responsable de la Majeure Data & IA

Big Data & Analytics Major

The data revolution

  • Duration: 2 years
  • Start date: September 2024
  • Campus: Paris
  • ECTS credits : 120
  • Language of instruction: English for initial training, French for apprenticeships
  • Pattern: Full-time, Part-time

Presentation of the Big Data & Analytics Engineering Cycle

Even if the principle of analyzing and processing large amounts of data to extract information is not a new process, in the Data Age it relies on infrastructures that represent a technological breakthrough. We can now process gigantic volumes of data, at an incomparable speed, while integrating a variety of structured or unstructured data (images, videos, sounds, texts, logs, etc.).

The Data & AI major trains engineers who are capable of supporting companies in their digital transformation initiatives by setting up “Datalake” projects and analytical applications. These paradigm shifts bring a better understanding of governance issues and data quality.

The objectives of the Big Data & Analytics Engineering Cycle

Understanding the limits of vertical growth in information systems

Master Big Data frameworks such as Hadoop and Spark

Understand the concepts of Big Data and the mechanisms of data governance

Master Machine Learning algorithms and data analysis and manipulation tools (R, Spark, Python, Matlab, etc.)


Data (or massive data) coupled with Machine Learning is revolutionizing the use of data.

  • Advanced web technologies
  • Advanced databases
  • Operating systems
  • Computer networks
  • IT Infrastructure
  • DevOps with SRE
  • Machine learning
  • Security of information systems

This training is also available as an APPRENTICESHIP.

Career opportunities for the Big Data & Analytics engineering major

  • Data Project Manager
  • Data Architect
  • Data scientist
  • Research engineer in computer vision and deep learning
  • Data engineer

Major Manager – Hanen OCHI

Hanen received his PhD in computer science from Université Paris 13 in December 2015. She then held a teaching and research associate position at the Institut Galilée (a teaching establishment) and at LIPN (the computer science laboratory of the Université Paris-Nord). After that, she worked as a Data R&D engineer on various innovation projects (autonomous cars, predictive analysis, opinion analysis, etc.).

The program

2ème année du cycle ingénieur (S7 et S8)

Advanced web technologies 30h
Advanced databases 27h
Operating systems27h
Computer networks27h
IT Infrastructure18h
DeOps with SRE27h
Elective 1: Microsoft C# or Advanced Java 27h
Elective 2: Mobile Programming or Mathematics for Data Scientists27h
Machine Learning I33h
Information system security I 24h
Management of information systems18h
Computer network security27h
Conferences: Data Regulation and RGPD, Business Intelligence, Identity

3ème année du cycle ingénieur (S9)

Business Intelligence20h
Real Time Big Data Search and Analytics8h
Machine Learning II16h
Deep Learning28h
Big Data Ecosystem28h
Data Engineering with Spark12h
Data Analytics28h
Ethics of artificial intelligence20h

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