Engineering degree (Bac+4) – Finance & Quantitative Engineering major

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“Conceive, model and quantify the forces and threats of finance in the digital society in order to optimise the use of human intelligence.”


Head of the Finance & Quantitative Engineering Major

Anticipating future jobs in the financial sector

The combination of artificial intelligence and automated networks of distributed services/data (“blockchains”) is transforming the banking, financial and insurance industries. At the same time, our societal structure has shifted from a mindset of physical possession to one of virtualized sharing and continuous updating.

The objectives of the training

  • Mastering the benefits and dangers of life through mathematical approaches
  • Tame the math with numerical analysis and stochastic simulation techniques
  • Transforming fears into processable multidimensional models
  • Learn to frame risks through quantitative and analytical thinking


The triptych Teaching – Learning – Projects in the Finance and Quantitative Engineering Major at ECE follows the following guidelines: courses and subjects redesigned for a digital finance, math in design thinking, preservation of traditional strengths. The partnership with the research lab (with its autonomous heterogeneous agent macroeconomic models), which allows teaching – and researching – the practice of strategic forecasting around cryptocurrencies, is a specificity of the ECE.

  • Stochastic differential equations
  • VBA language
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Rate curve
  • Quantitative macroeconomics
  • Machine learning applied
  • Cryptocurrency law

Discover the training in pictures

Focus on Duc Pham-Hi, Head of the Finance & Quantitative Engineering Major.

  • Engineer ECP (1980)
  • Doctor of Engineering (1985)
  • Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Sorbonne (1979)
  • Graduate of the Institute of Political Studies in Paris (1981)

  • Previous positions held:
    • Executive assistant of the Banque de France

  • Previous academic positions:
    • Associate Professor École Centrale Paris (operational research)

Examples of opportunities

  • Exotic products trader
  • Commando” developer for trading rooms
  • Risk manager
  • Middle officer in banks
  • Project manager of trading room software packages
  • Data scientist
  • Blockchain engineer
  • Cryptocurrency Strategist
  • Digital transformation consultant
Updated 9 May 2022