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Engineering Cycle
4ème année
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“Design, model, and quantify the drivers and hazards of finance in the digital society for the purpose of optimizing the use of human intelligence.”


Head of the Finance & Quantitative Engineering Major

Finance & Quantitative Engineering Major

Anticipating future jobs in the financial sector

Presentation of the Finance & Quantitative Engineering major

The combination ofartificial intelligence and automated networks of distributed services/data (“blockchains”) is transforming the banking, financial and insurance industries. At the same time, our societal structure has shifted from a mindset of physical possession to one of virtualized sharing and continuous updating.

The triptych Teaching – Learning – Projects in the Finance and Quantitative Engineering Major at ECE follows the following guidelines: courses and subjects redesigned for a digital finance, math in design thinking, preservation of traditional strengths.

The objectives of the Finance & Quantitative Engineering major

Mastering the benefits and dangers of life through mathematical approaches

Tame the math with numerical analysis and stochastic simulation techniques

Transforming fears into processable multidimensional models

Learn to frame risks through quantitative and analytical thinking


The partnership with the research lab (with its autonomous heterogeneous agent macroeconomic models), which allows teaching – and researching – the practice of strategic forecasting around cryptocurrencies, is a specificity of the ECE.

  • Stochastic differential equations
  • VBA language
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Rate curve
  • Quantitative macroeconomics
  • Machine learning applied
  • Cryptocurrency law

Examples of opportunities

  • Exotic products trader
  • Commando” developer for trading rooms
  • Risk manager
  • Middle officer in banks
  • Project manager of trading room software packages
  • Data scientist
  • Blockchain engineer
  • Cryptocurrency Strategist
  • Digital transformation consultant

The head of the major -Duc Pham-Hi

Previous positions held:

– Executive assistant of the Banque de France
– Executive of the Victoire Assurances group
– Head of department at Crédit National
– Trader and Research Director, Natixis
– Director Global Risk Management, PricewaterhouseCoopers
– Head of Basel II at the Commission Bancaire

The program

2nd year of the engineering cycle (S7 and S8)

Variational calculation12h
Multivariate analysis10h
Stochastic computing14h
Artificial intelligence 32h
Pricing Market risks20h
Blockchain in practice16h
Machine learning Algorithms20h
Economy & Finance
Microeconomics of banking & MAF30h
Pricing Market risks20h
Blockchain in practice16h
Machine Learning Algorithms20h
Stochastic computing15h
Banking microeconomics
Quantitative macroeconomics15h

3rd year of the engineering cycle (S9)

Graph theory12h
Optimal control & Hamiltonian16h
Mathematics of evolutionary systems18h
Markets & Products
Financial derivatives 16h
Forecasting techniques20h
Portfolio management22h
Advanced domains
MOOC Semester 930h

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