An active and committed partnership with companies

Our partner companies are present at all stages of the student’s life, from selection to entry into the workforce.

Multiplying the opportunities to meet and get to know French and international companies is fundamental to establishing lasting relationships and building a professional network. Companies are in constant interaction with students and actively participate inenriching the school’s pedagogy.

ECE-company collaboration

  • Mandatory internships in companies;
  • Interventions by experts and professionals in class and during round tables;
  • The implementation of projects with students around technological issues or research and development;
  • The strong orientation of our training towards apprenticeship with our partner companies;
  • The quality of the connection for the recruitment of student-interns and young graduates;
  • Accompanying students in their orientation and professional integration.

The events

A privileged circle of partners involved in the support of students: at ECE, the quality of the links with companies is at the heart of its strategy. The mission of the Corporate Relations Department is to create, manage and develop relationships between the school and companies.

One of its main activities is to connect students and young graduates with the business world through various professional events.

Career Forum, Simulated recruitment interviews, ECE Innov Awards, Career round tables, CD dating, Apprenticeship Forum, Conferences, Mentoring and project support… are some of theevents proposed to bring together ECE students and partner companies.

Promotional sponsors

Each ECE class benefits from the sponsorship of a prestigious company, partner of the school.

The objective is to forge special links between the engineering students and the “sponsor” company of the year. Future graduates benefit from the professional and committed support of renowned companies.

The promotion sponsorship is based on several ” privilege ” events over 2 years:

  • The launch of the sponsorship,
  • Job Dating (special recruitment session for sponsors),
  • Conferences and thematic workshops,
  • Student project days,
  • Sponsor’s day, a day dedicated to students in their 3rd year of the engineering cycle,
  • The graduation ceremony.

Apprenticeship tax

Let’s continue to invest in the present to build the future of our youth…

Since 2020, the 13% portion of your apprenticeship tax can be paid directly to our institution. This is the only corporate tax where companies are free to choose the beneficiaries!

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Updated 1 July 2022