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The Cloud is not data floating around somewhere in the sky. It’s moving your data and calculations from your company to another company.


Head of the Cloud Native Engineering Major

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The Cloud Native Engineering major

The health crisis has exacerbated the trend of Cloud Computing, initiated a few years ago, leading many companies to turn massively to the Cloud. This trend is now firmly established within companies.

  • Duration: 2 years
  • Start date: September 2023
  • ECTS credits : 120
  • Language of instruction: English

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Presentation of the Cloud Native Engineering major

Flexible, inexpensive, and capable of handling huge data sets, the cloud is changing the face of computing and business, transforming the way we live and work. Cloud computing provides scalable computing resources on demand, fueling both science and business with solutions and challenges. The opportunities include low cost of access for small businesses, reduced costs of using IT resources, and the ability to manage very large volumes of data.

In this context, in order to meet the growing needs of companies and organizations for qualified profiles in the Cloud industry, ECE, with its partners Cap Gemini and Orange, has designed the “Cloud Native Engineering” major.

With the “Cloud Native Engineering” major, our goal is to train cloud engineers, true conductors, who “are in charge of deployment, storage and management of data on servers located outside the company in data centers, …, specialists in algorithms, programming and architecture of software and networks” according to the CIDJ (Center for Information and Documentation for Youth) Its missions are varied; they range from securing sensitive dematerialized data to optimizing data center energy consumption and managing big data. Another responsibility, less technical but just as important, is the relationship between the client company and the supplier.

The objectives of the Cloud Native Engineering major


a company’s or organization’s cloud strategy (consistent with its security and data objectives)

Design, implement and operate

Cloud solutions (design and use of adapted algorithms, design and implementation of adapted architectures, native cloud approaches,…)


a project and a team

Applications from French students or international students living in France

Applications from international students residing in
outside France

The opportunities of the Cloud Native Engineering major

  • Cloud Consultant
  • Cloud Administrator
  • Cloud Project Manager
  • Solutions Architect
  • Virtualization Architect
  • Cloud Computing Engineer
  • FinOps Expert
  • DevSecOps Engineer

Tuition fees

Students living in EUROPE10 250€/year
Students residing outside the EU area 10 740€/year

Admission requirements

Holder of a baccalaureate +3 in the scientific and technical field (computer science)

  • Join our M1

To apply

Applications from French or international students
residing in France

Applications from international students residing in
outside France

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Updated 26 January 2024