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Engineering Cycle
4ème année
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Embedded systems are the beating heart of any modern device. Omnipresent, they revolutionize the uses and revisit the relationship we have with objects.

Olivier Chesnais

Head of the Embedded Systems Major.

Embedded Systems Major

Mastering ubiquitous systems

Presentation of the Embedded Systems Engineering Cycle

An embedded system is a system combining electronics and computing embedded in an environment with strong constraints (low power consumption, reduced memory capacity, real time, security, robustness). Embedded systems are ubiquitous and play a very important role in our daily lives: smartphone, satellite, bank card, car, TGV, plane, camera, drone, GPS, multimedia console…

In a highly competitive global context, embedded systems represent a major differentiating factor for a very large number of sectors: energy, transport, defense, aeronautics, health, multimedia, telecoms, smart cards, production, logistics and consumer electronics.

The skills and expertise required for embedded systems are numerous, varied and not widespread. The assimilation of system security concepts (robustness, integrity, confidentiality) as well as software and hardware virtualization allowing critical and non-critical applications to cohabit on the same chip are real differentiating assets that are highly sought after by companies.

The courses in the Embedded Systems, Aeronautics and Robotics major contribute fully to boosting innovation in the fields of intelligent transportation, personal assistance, sustainable mobility, home hospitalization, and consumption control.

The objectives of the Embedded Systems Major engineering cycle

Master the technology of embedded systems in the field of hardware and software

Mastering software engineering and modeling of complex systems

Master the creation of architecture and energy management in a complex system

Identify risks to face cyber threats and master artificial intelligence algorithms applied to robotics and avionics technologies

The Embedded Systems Engineering Cycle Program

The courses in the Embedded Systems major contribute fully to boosting innovation in the fields of intelligent transportation,

This Major has a common core with the Connected & Autonomous Vehicle Major.

  • Embedded Linux
  • Modeling of real-time systems
  • Development of electronic systems
  • Microcontroller
  • Advanced C programming
  • Industrial local area networks
  • Embedded JAVA

This training can also be followed in apprenticeship.

Examples of opportunities

  • Embedded equipment and system expert
  • Platform and Embedded Applications Architect
  • Embedded software development specialist
  • Embedded architecture integration and validation specialist

The person in charge of the major – Olivier CHESNAIS

Graduated from ECE (1998), and from the HEC Executive MBA (2010), he worked twenty years in embedded systems for the industry in various development and management positions.
He is interested in Industry 4.0, connected vehicles and entrepreneurship.

The program

2nd year of the engineering cycle (S7 and S8)

Embedded Linux24h
Modeling of real-time systems9h
Development of electornic systems18h
Advanced C programming 27h
The PSD30h
Real time programming 24h
Measurement chain and interfaces15h
Computer networks24h
Industrial local area networks30h
System development and drivers on Linux18h

3rd year of the engineering cycle (S9)

Embedded Java18h
Parallel programming25h
The Android system18h
Embedded architectures18h
System integration workshop27h
Low Energy Firmware Architecture12h
Visit to a manufacturer 8h

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Updated 26 January 2024