100% of students go on international training courses

Jade LIN, a 2019 graduate of ECE’s Grande Ecole Engineering Program spent a semester at the University of Technology in Sydney, Australia.

“Situated in the heart of downtown and also known for its innovation,
the programs offered by the university corresponded to the concepts
that I wanted to explore further. Also, knowing that I would be continuing in
double degree with a business school (Audencia Nantes), the courses
of Applied Health Management at UTS was a perfect fit for my future career and current studies. At UTS, I chose to take a course in connected objects with a project in health, and then to prepare myself for Audencia Nantes, I took business courses: management in health and supply chain. Many activities are organized by the university in the premises, cafes, tourist places, to meet new people and visit Sydney

ECE is a school resolutely turned towards the international

Studying abroad

At the ECE, all students have an obligatory international mobility to do.

Students following the Engineering program also have the possibility to go a second time in ING5 (3rd year of the engineering cycle) for a mobility of one semester or more in order to obtain a double degree (ECE and partner institution).

Apprenticeship and Bachelor students go to the OMNES Education campus in London.

International within the ECE programs

The rapid evolution towards a globalized world puts our future graduates in the front line to face major global challenges: technical and digital progress, security, growth, social issues, sustainable development, etc. It is necessary to learn to work in international teams and consortia. Moreover, soft skills (communication, adaptation, creativity, team spirit, interculturality) are nowadays essential for integration in the job market. International immersion promotes the acquisition and development of these skills.

Engineer of the world

ECE opens the doors of the international world to you: each of you goes to train abroad!

The CTI, which issues the title of engineer, strongly recommends that all engineering students have an international experience. At ECE this mobility is realized duringan academic semester abroad. This experience takes place during the 3 years of the engineering cycle: compulsorily in the 1st year of the engineering cycle and, optionally, in the 3rd year of the engineering cycle. Many destinations are offered thanks to partnerships with universities around the world.

In addition, from the second year of the integrated preparatory cycle, you have the possibility of going to the OMNES Education campus in San Francisco for a short program of discovery of engineering technologies mixed with art.

The Erasmus+ Program

Erasmus+ is a European program that allows any institution with an Erasmus+ charter to create a partnership with another institution that also has a charter.

The Erasmus+ program facilitates and encourages the European mobility of students, teachers and staff of higher education institutions.

Each year the JIT submits a grant application to the Erasmus+ agency. In order to enable exchanges between program participants, the Erasmus+ agency allocates a grant to partner institutions. The latter then distribute grants to students, staff or professors carrying out a mobility within the framework of Erasmus+. The amount of the scholarships is defined by the Erasmus+ agency according to the standard of living in the host country.

In order to obtain a scholarship, ECE students must first apply to the ECE international service with a file that is sent to them by email. The obtaining of a scholarship is not systematic.

In 2022, ECE has more than 100 Erasmus+ university partnerships.

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