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4ème année
Full-time, Work-study
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The Autonomous Vehicle training module is carried out jointly by the teams of experts at PSA & Renault.

Olivier Chesnais

Head of the Connected & Autonomous Vehicle Major

Digital Vehicle

The automotive revolution

Presentation of the Digital Vehicle Engineering Cycle

The automobile is undergoing a revolution: Connected, Autonomous, Shared, Electrified. Mobility is growing and changing to become Multimodal or Intermodal. The customer is now at the heart of the connected vehicle. Data and Artificial Intelligence are generating many other services. These revolutions are disrupting organizations: new uses, new jobs. Technology and engineering are at the heart of these changes. ECE has created the Connected & Autonomous Vehicle Major to answer this need.

The Connected & Autonomous Vehicle major aims to train engineers to meet the technological challenges of the automotive sector. The Autonomous Vehicle training module is jointly produced by PSA & Renault. This collaboration is unique in France. ECE participates in the automotive investment plan.

The objectives of the Digital Vehicle Cycle

Master the technology of embedded systems in the field of hardware and software.

Understand the various changes in the automotive industry

Master the concepts of cybersecurity, safety and vehicle electrification

Master and define hardware and software architectures


This major has a common core with the Embedded Systems major.

  • Vehicle architecture & tools : simulink, impact cybersecurity, impact safety, engineering system …
  • Connected vehicle: cybersecurity, car-to-X, infotainment …
  • Autonomous vehicle: data fusion, sensors, on-board artificial intelligence, trajectory planning…

This training is also available as an APPRENTICESHIP.

The opportunities of the Digital Vehicle Cycle

  • Hardware design engineer
  • Software design engineer
  • System Engineer
  • Operational Safety Engineer
  • Validation engineer
  • Artificial Intelligence Engineer
  • Data Scientist Engineer
  • Application Engineer

The head of the major – Olivier Chesnais

Graduated from ECE (1998), and from the HEC Executive MBA (2010), he worked twenty years in embedded systems for the industry in various development and management positions.
He is interested in Industry 4.0, connected vehicles and entrepreneurship.

Le programme

Customer usage
Business impact
Vehicle architecture & tools90h
Vision of the vehicle of tomorrow
Engineering System
System architecture Electronics
Impact Safety 26262 – SOTIF
Cybersecurity impact
Software architecture
Electronic architecture (component)
Tools: Simulink & Vector
Connected vehicle35h
Car-to-X (vehicle to infrastructure)
Communication (4G 5G Wifi Lifi)
Embedded versus offloaded software
Autonomous vehicle50h
Data fusion
System control and command
Path planning
Operational safety
Standard 26262
AD/ADAS architecture
Car-to-X (vehicle to vehicle)
Embedded artificial intelligence
Location (GPS) & mapping
Validation of the autonomous vehicle

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Updated 26 January 2024