Cybersecurity and Network Administrator

1re, 2ème ou 3ème année
Septembre 2024 et Mars 2025 (Paris)
Initial ou Alternance
Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux ou Rennes
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Specialization: Cybersecurity & Network Administrator

Knowing how to protect complex systems

  • Duration : 1, 2 or 3 years
  • Start date: September 2024 and March 2025 (Paris)
  • ECTS credits : 60 to 180 ECTS
  • Pattern: Initial or sandwich course in3rd year
  • Language of instruction: French

First in the Ranking

Cybersecurity and Networks


Professional certification of ” Secure infrastructure administrator “Level 6 (EU)*NSF code(s) 326, issued by the French Ministry of Labor, Employment and Integration, registered under RNCP number 37680 (Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles) by decision of the Director General of France Compétences on April 26, 2023.
*Only on a sandwich basis

Presentation of the Security & IT Developer Specialization

The Cybersecurity and Network Administrator Bachelor’s degree covers subjects related to IT security, network management and systems administration.

Information security breaches, cyber-attacks and online threats continue to multiply, contributing to the vulnerability of organizations worldwide.

Businesses, government agencies, and individuals are all affected by this threat, and the demand for cybersecurity professionals is growing rapidly.

This ECE Bachelor’s program is designed to teach students to master the basic principles of cybersecurity, applying industry-recognized and emerging practices to solve real-world security problems.

With our staggered start, guarantee yourself a second chance.

ECE offers you to follow the 1st year of the bachelor program in Paris. You will then be able to enter the 2nd year directly!

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Start date: Monday, March 4, 2024

Highlights of the Cybersecurity & Networks Administrator Specialization

Manage and secure infrastructures

Design and implement a solution in response to an upgrade requirement

Managing cybersecurity

Controlling risks and managing crisis situations.

The Cybersecurity & Networks Administrator Specialization Program

The Cybersecurity & Networks Administrator specialization enables you to assess security trends, recognize best practices and understand IT security products and threats. Students learn to propose IT architectures that integrate the most appropriate security solutions for the company’s strategy. This training also provides them with the necessary expertise to analyze intrusion attempts and remedy weaknesses in computer system security. An overview of the program:

  • Training in security, networks and systems
  • Management of corporate projects
  • Company meetings and sector discoveries
  • Language practice and acculturation to contemporary issues
  • Training in ecological transition for sustainable development (TEDS)
  • International mobility
  • Workplace Preparation Course

This program is also available as an Apprenticeship from3rd year.


Admission process open all year round, excluding Parcoursup.

The skills targeted by this Specialization

The Secure Infrastructure Administrator (SIA) implements, administers and secures local and cloud-based IT infrastructures. It designs and implements solutions to meet evolving needs. It implements and optimizes supervision systems.

  • Skills block 1: Managing and securing infrastructures
    • Best practices in infrastructure administration
    • Manage and secure network infrastructures
    • Manage and secure systems infrastructures
    • Manage and secure virtualized infrastructures
  • Skills block 2: Design and implement a solution in response to a development need
    • Design a technical solution to meet infrastructure upgrade requirements
    • Put infrastructure upgrades into production
    • Implement and optimize infrastructure supervision
  • Skills block 3: Participate in cybersecurity management
    • Participate in measuring and analyzing infrastructure security levels
    • Participate in the development and implementation of safety policy
    • Participate in the detection and handling of security incidents

This certification is accessible by capitalization of these blocks of skills. Partial validation of a block is not possible.

Jobs in the Cybersecurity & Networks Administrator Specialization

  • Systems and network administrator
  • Infrastructure administrator
  • Cybersecurity Administrator
  • Risk Manager
  • Network and IS Architect

Further studies with DataScientest

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You want to enter the professional world with the prospect of obtaining a Bac+5 in continuing education,

ECE offers its Bachelor’s graduates the opportunity to enter the professional world while continuing their training with a view to obtaining an RNCP n°7 title (Bac+5).

Our Bachelor specializations

In3rd year students can deepen their skills with the 5 specializations offered below:

Application developer

Developing in a secure environment: application designers learn to use the appropriate programming languages to design and develop secure applications. It contributes to the success of the project in terms of satisfying user needs, ergonomics and project management. Application security is a constant concern for him.

Circuits and shields, information and security, 3d rendering. Computer digital drawing.

Cybersecurity and Network Administrator

Protecting complex systems: the cybersecurity and network administrator implements, administers and secures local and cloud-based IT infrastructures. He designs and implements solutions to meet evolving needs, applying industry-recognized and emerging practices. It implements and optimizes supervision systems.

White humanoid hand on blurred background using digital globe hud interface 3D rendering

Data Developer and AI (Bac+3)

Using artificial intelligence to exploit data: the data and artificial intelligence developer is a specialist in the development of applications integrating functionalities exploiting artificial intelligence. It programs the collection of data from several sources for an artificial intelligence project, so as to be able to exploit and add value to them to offer new services.

CLoud server and computing, data storage and processing. Internet and technology concept.
Agile software development with developer using Kanban board framework methodology on computer. Devops team, lean project management tool for fast changes, incremental work, iterative process.

Practical information about the Specialization
Cybersecurity and Network Administrator


Cybersecurity & Networks Administrator Specialization
of the ECE is ranked 1st in
Eduniversal ranking

The RNCP title

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