Which jobs after the ECE?

One of the main goals of our school is to get a good job quickly, in many cases even before graduation. A permanent job with executive status and a level of remuneration justified by the technological, organizational and managerial skills acquired and developed during your studies.

The first job survey

The ECE diploma is a real passport for employment and for a durable employability.

Our generalist training and the growing presence of digital technology in our economy allow our young graduates to move into all sectors of activity.

With their human qualities and their open-mindedness, ECE students also distinguish themselves by their taste for innovation which is cultivated throughout their school curriculum. According to employers, ECE graduates stand out for their ability to adapt and integrate into teams on complex subjects and their capacity to work in project mode and to know how to highlight their achievements.

TheFirst job survey is realized every year by the ECE corporate relations department in close collaboration with the Conférence des Grandes Écoles (CGE) and allows us to evaluate theprofessional integration of our young graduates.

Our alumni

A ECE graduate becomes a ECE alumni. The alumni association continues to accompany ECE students long after their studies. Events, networking, etc. the association is committed to being present in all phases of professional life.

Whether our alumni work in large companies or run their own start-ups, whether they do research in large institutions or work in France or abroad, they are all passionate and happy to do what they do. Beyond their undeniable professional success, they are the wealth of the ECE. Each personality, each career path, each alumnus is unique and contributes to the school’s reputation and we are very proud of this.

ECE is constantly innovating so that each student’s professional project becomes a reality and that each one knows how to face tomorrow’s societal challenges.

Updated 1 July 2022