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What is the place of high-level athletes/artists?

ECE encourages its students to practice sports and arts, and accompanies closely those who practice them at a high level.

How to get the status “High level athletes/artists”?

It is agreed, at the beginning of the academic year, according to the needs of the activity, and after a meeting between the teaching staff, the student artist/high level sportsman (AHN/SHN) and possibly his coach or sports referent.

What are the advantages of having the “Artist/High Level Athlete” status?

The latter benefit fromspecific arrangements that allow them to reconcile their academic career with the regular practice of their sport/art. These accommodations are defined individually for each of the students who benefit from the ECE’s“Artistes/Sprotifs de haut niveau” (AHN/SHN) status.

This status can take the form of an adjustment of the courses followed, the organization of the student’s schedule, which must take into account the constraints linked to training, competitions and preparation courses, or the examination and knowledge control procedures. Each profile is carefully studied beforehand to ensure that the proposed accommodations are as suitable as possible and that the student can pursue his or her engineering studies in preparation for a professional future while ensuring his or her athletic/artistic success. To do this, the three parties involved, the student, the school and the coach, commit together to the success of the student by completing an Individual Training Contract SHN.

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Updated 20 June 2023