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12 to 13 months of professional experience

Nearly 7,000 internships are offered each year by large French and international companies, as well as by high-tech SMEs.

Four compulsory internships during their engineeringstudies will allow each student to refine their career choices and enrich their CV.

  • 2nd year of the preparatory cycle (ING2) > internship Discovery of the company (25 working days minimum)
  • 1st year engineering cycle (ING3) > internship Understanding of the company (25 working days minimum)
  • 2nd year of engineering (ING4) > Technical internship (80 working days minimum)
  • 3rd year engineer cycle > End of studies internship (125 working days).

At the end of their studies at ECE, each student engineer completes 12 to 13 months of internships, in France or abroad. Each internship carried out in a company gives rise to an internship report notifying the missions entrusted to the student. This is graded by the academic supervisor or the supervisor of the specialization major.

All national or international internships are concluded by a written report and for the3rd year internship of the engineering cycle, by a thesis and an oral defense before a school and company jury.

The internships integrated into the curriculum are an added value for students in their job search. They gain skills year after year and are able to make the most of their entire curriculum upon graduation.

Internship in engineering school

  • In ING2 – Company discovery internship: the student-engineer must observe and analyze: daily life within the organization, management methods, human relations, working conditions, etc.
  • In ING3 – Internship: this internship must allow the student to understand the general organization and functioning of the company, even beyond the department in which he/she is assigned. Its objective is to help you better define your motivations, qualities and skills.
  • In ING4 – Technical internship: the student engineer chooses a major and a minor of teachings. At the end of the second year, thanks to the lessons received and the projects carried out during the year (PT and PPE), the student is able to solve a technical problem and to participate in a large-scale project in a company: he/she must participate in a software or hardware project related to the lessons of the Majors or Minors
  • In ING5 – End-of-study internship: this internship constitutes a real first professional experience lasting 6 months, which should enable students to acquire real engineering skills and thus lead to a rapid integration into the world of work. The student must carry out a mission, present and carry out a technical and/or commercial solution integrating multidisciplinary aspects and leading to the elaboration of a global solution that perfectly meets the company’s demand.

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Updated 26 June 2023