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Towards a sustainable, people-centered and resilient European industry


Head of the Digital Industry major

Digital Industry Major

“Towards a sustainable, people-centered and resilient European industry” European Commission report, January 2021.

This major is taught in Lyon

This program is taught in English.

Presentation of the Digital Industry engineering program

Many players in the industrial world have pointed out the difficulty they have in recruiting digital experts who are aware of the challenges and processes they face, and experts trained in industrial engineering, capable of understanding data and computer technologies. This ECE major will be designed to fill this gap.

This program is designed to meet the transformational needs of the industry and will draw on the experience of many professionals working within our partner companies.

The training is divided into several major blocks, namely:

  • Acculturation to the world of industry,
  • Advanced software development,
  • IoT, Big data and AI,
  • Industry 4.0 and 5.0 technologies,
  • Industrial information systems.

As elsewhere at ECE, these courses of the major will be largely taught by professionals. They will be complemented by common core courses in languages, management and humanities, by a range of minors and in-depth options, by internships and projects. Two 4 and 6 month internships in companies are scheduled to allow students to apply their knowledge and skills.

The objectives of the Digital Industry engineering major

Develop new digital manufacturing systems, technologies, applications and tools for smart factories.

Use and design new AI and massive data analysis solutions, with critical thinking skills to interpret results.

Working with “new technologies”, “cyber security” and “data potential” to reflect the growing digital footprint of industrial processes.

Acquire more transversal skills related to creativity, entrepreneurship, flexibility and open-mindedness.

The Program of the Engineering Cycle Digital Industry Major

The “Digital Industry” Major is built in partnership with the support of several digital technology clusters in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, France.

  • IoT communication networks & platforms
  • Computer-aided design and manufacturing
  • Lean management
  • Digital twins
  • Immersive technologies
  • Computer vision
  • Applied data science with Python

This training is given in English.

The opportunities of the Engineering Cycle Digital Industry Major

  • Chief. Digital Transformation/Industry 4.0 Project Manager
  • Project manager in digital transformation
  • Industry 4.0/Digital Industry Consultant
  • Lean/Continuous Improvement and Industry 4.0 Engineer
  • Industrial computer engineer – Automation
  • Industrial cybersecurity solutions integrator
  • Industrial IOT solutions integrator
  • Data Architect – Industry 4.0
  • Predictive Maintenance Engineer
  • Business Analyst Industry 4.0
  • Software Developer for Industry 4.0
  • Software Development Engineer for Digital Radar Twins

The person in charge of the major – Lamia DERRODE

Dr. Lamia DERRODE obtained a degree in computer engineering and a PhD in image processing from the University of Bordeaux in 2003. Since then, she has held a position as a teacher-researcher at the Ecole Supérieure des Sciences et Techniques in TUNISIA. In France, she has integrated several research projects in image, signal and AI in several academic research laboratories such as the LSIS, the Fresnel Institute and the LIRIS. Lamia has extensive experience in the field of higher education as she has worked in various schools such as Ecole Centrale de Lyon and Marseille, CPE and Epita.

The program

2nd year of the engineering cycle (S7 and S8)

History of industrial organization and its contemporary challenges12h
IoT platforms and communications networks 24h
Computer-aided design and manufacturing30h
Introduction to industrial information systems and digital continuity24h
Lean management14h
Advanced Program I32h
Advanced Programming II14h
IoT, edge & cloud computing platforms24h
Industrial automation20h
Digital twins20h
3D printing and alternative manufacturing techniques24h
Immersive technologies: VR/AR/XR24h

3rd year of the engineering cycle (S9)

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence 50h
Introduction to Big Data technologies50h
Industrial information systems and performance analysis50h
Sustainable manufacturing14h
Safety and risk management 12h
Industrial Hackathon24h
Pyton for data sciences24h
Computer vision20h

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Updated 16 May 2023