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4ème année
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The climate we will experience in the future depends on the decisions we make now.

Alma Santa Rita

Head of the Energy & Environment Major

Energy & Environment Major

Make your planet green again

Presentation of the Energy & Environment Engineering Cycle

The Energy and Environment major covers all “high-tech” professions in energy production, distribution, and consumption control. It is based on a body of knowledge that is essential for any energy engineer, ranging from thermodynamics to materials science, from fossil fuels to renewable energies, from control and command in nuclear production to intelligent electricity distribution networks (Smart Grid).

It is also interested inon-board energy (batteries and fuels), the key to miniaturization, mobility and transport of the future. This training leaves the beaten track of energy production to explore the professions directly linked to environmental protection and sustainable development.

The objectives of the Energy & Environment Engineering Cycle

Master all the technical, economic and financial aspects of the energy sector (production, transport, storage, distribution, uses, etc.) but also the energy of housing, cities, ICT, etc.

Identify the main issues, levers and constraints of energy transition policies.

Anticipate changes and innovations in the energy sector.

Acquire the skills essential to energy managers: purchasing and logistics, regulatory and legal aspects, financial approaches, project management, negotiation, communication, innovation.


The ECE Energy & Environment Major is based on theschool’s expertise in information systems, embedded systems and telecommunications.

  • Home automation and building heating
  • Introduction to energy conversion and storage
  • Control of industrial risks
  • Energy transformation and storage
  • Smart Grids, Smart Metering & Big Data
  • Water Management & Treatment
  • Environmental and energy policy and law

Career opportunities for the Energy & Environment engineering major

  • Development project manager
  • Construction Business Engineer
  • Operations Engineer
  • Design engineer in energy efficiency
  • Renewable Energy Project Manager
  • Design engineer in building energy
  • Energy and Environment Manager

The person in charge of the major – Alma SANTA RITA

She has a degree in Chemistry (UNAM, Mexico) and a Master in Energy and Environment (Ecole des Mines de Nantes).
She has more than 20 years of experience dedicated to the energy transition, holding high responsibility positions both in the public sector (Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Energy, Mexico) and in the private sector (Biofields, ENAL, Alego, Green city).

Alma is also co-founder of EneSus, a sustainable development consulting firm. Passionate about renewable energy, she has contributed to the development of various projects in Latin America and Europe, including solar, wind and geothermal power plants.

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The program

2nd year of the Engineering Cycle – Semester 7

Semester 7 Hours
Upstream / Downstream of Oil & Gas22h
Applied Chemistry24h
Fossil fuels and combustion 16h
Renewable energies I36h
Energy markets12h
Python and other languages 16h
Physics of renewable and other energies I22h
Applied thermodynamics 12h

2nd year of the Engineering Cycle – Semester 8

Semester 8Hours
Blockchain for Energy12h
Sustainable Development18h
Electrical engineering & power electronics18h
Nuclear energy12h
Renewable energy II38h
Introduction to energy conversion and storage12h
Embedded AI Project 14h
Physics of renewable energy & other energies II12h
Smart grid, Smart city, Smart everywhere: needs and challenges14h

3rd year of the engineering cycle – Semester 9

Semester 9Hours
Nuclear Energy II 12h
Environmental impact assessment12h
Waste management and water treatment12h
Indoor PV12h
Digital Responsibility20h
Environmental and energy policy and law18h
On-board energy sources: problems and sizing14h
Building thermics36h
Technologies for decarbonizing the industry12h

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