How do I get a work-study position in the cybersecurity industry?

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Do cybersecurity companies offer work-study contracts?

Yes, cybersecurity companies offer work-study contracts.

In 2020 in France, 90% of companies were victims of cyber attacks. Cybersecurity is nowadays an essential element for the company.

To this end, teams are growing and human needs are increasing. Recruiting work-study students and future cybersecurity experts for the company is an opportunity to invest in a human resource at a reasonable cost. At the end of the course, the trained student can then be recruited by the company.

How to apply for a work-study position in cybersecurity?

It is important to realize that competition between students is important and that applying for a work-study program is a first step towards the professional world.

Search for a cybersecurity internship

To this end, recruiters, although they have in mind that the profiles recruited are junior, expect a professional attitude from the student.

The CV and cover letter are essential tools in order to present yourself to future employers. Some students make short videos to present themselves and make a difference to other students. If the student wants to do one, in cybersecurity, we advise sobriety and a corporate tone. Playful videos with staging are to be preferred for recruitment in communication, for example.

Administrative procedures

Students are theninterviewed for jobs. This first meeting allows the company to choose the best profile in accordance with the position offered, to detail the missions of the position, or to specify the student’s expectations.

Several interviews are offered, sometimes accompanied by a logic test to better understand the student’s thinking.

During this stage, the student must have in his possession all the practical information related to his training, namely

  • The school’s brochure, the training and its cost;
  • The schedule of the alternation with the rhythm between the school and the company;
  • If a trip abroad, an exchange or any other important event is planned, the recruiter should be informed to avoid any scheduling conflicts.

If the outcome of these interviews is favorable, a contract between the school, the student and the company is established. The school proposes a framework that each party must complete and ensures that the position and the student’s training are consistent. The latter is also responsible for the proper respect of the working conditions including salary, hours and planning of the student.

ECE: partnerships with companies

The ECE accompanies its students in their research. The Corporate Relations and Partnerships Department organizes recruitment days dedicated to students: Apprenticeship Forum, Career Forum, HR Breakfasts, HR Workshops, etc.

Also, ECE offers an access to the school’s career center, which is a digital platform that gathers numerous job offers, work-study and internship.

What are the best practices for making a resume for a cybersecurity internship?


A candidate’s CV must include precise information about the future position he or she wishes to join. It is important to tailor your experiences to the position you are seeking.
Any experience is good to value, whether it is associative, personal, professional, or academic, especially if it is related to the world of cybersecurity, digital or indeed computer science. Foreign languages are always an asset, as cybersecurity companies often work on bilingual French and English networks and software.
As the student is still a junior, it is recommended to highlight the courses offered bythe student’s cybersecurity training , in this way the recruiter will find it easier to project himself.

Essential practical information

In one page, the CV specifies the essential information that demonstrates the relevance of the student’s profile to the search for a work-study program, notably by mentioning at the top of the page

  • The position and company involved in the student’s research;
  • The mention “Alternance” and the rhythm proposed by the school.

For example:
“Job application – Company – Cybersecurity Assistant

Rhythm: 4 days company / 1 day school”.

What are the best practices for making a cover letter for a cybersecurity internship?

The cover letter is very important because it allows the student to highlight his or her motivations and, above all, the relevance of his or her application to the position to future managers.

There are some basic tips for writing a cover letter:

  • Write a letter without spelling or syntax errors;

Maintain a neutral tone and avoid familiar orromantic language.


A good cover letter contains a paragraph about what you understand about the company, but especially about the position, and how the missions make sense with the career already completed, or the future ambitions of the candidate.

The student can take advantage of this opportunity to highlight the courses offered as part of his or her training, as well as any personal, associative or professional initiatives related to the position sought. It is also possible to highlight your passions, especially if they are related to the computer environment.

Essential practical information

As for the CV, it is important to write in two lines at the top of the cover letter:

  • The position andcompany to which the applicant is applying;
  • The “Alternance” mention, and the school’s rhythm .

Which sites offer work-study programs in cybersecurity?

In order to apply for a cybersecurity internship, you should look at the offers available on specialized networks such as Linkedin, Indeed, or Welcome To The Jungle.

Students can also diligently monitor the recruitment pages of companies that interest them and that are major players in cybersecurity, such as Orange, EY, Airbus or Ercom.

Does the ECE offer work-study programs?

In order to meet the needs and evolutions of the job market, the training courses proposed byECE, in particular the MSc Cybersecurity Manager (Bac+5) is built and thought by business partners.

Students are then placed in a professional situation, confronted with real cases and are totally immersed in a company through internships or work-study programs.

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Updated 2 January 2024