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What is a master’s degree in cybersecurity?

A master’s degree specialized in cybersecurity is a two-year course at the Bac+5 level. It allows you to specialize in cybersecurity, that is, in digital security.

What is a specialized master or Msc?

A specialized master or Msc (Master of Science in the Anglo-Saxon tradition) is a two-year degree. It is accessible to students with a Bac+4 level, or even a Bac+3 level by exemption.

It can happen that students who already have a generalist Bac+5 wish to specialize afterwards with an additional year in Msc.

What is cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is a field that secures and protects the digital data of people and hardware of states and businesses. It brings together the laws, policies, devices, concepts and mechanisms of security transcribed into the digital world.
Cybersecurity is a major issue today, with the development of digital and new technologies in all our uses, all private and public information is now connected to the Internet.

In 2020, 90% of companies have been victims of cyber attacks. To this end, even the state has deployed a national strategy for digital security.

Cybersecurity has several objectives:

  • To bring solutions to the acts of cyber-malware (viruses, hacking, information theft…);
  • Informing users;
  • Carrying digital security as a competitive advantage for businesses;
  • And at the State level, to guarantee national sovereignty and position France as a leader on the international scene.

It is therefore a question of securing information systems (ISS) in order to trust digital technology and ensure prosperous economic development, but also to ensure the protection of users: citizens for the State, employees for a company.

Why do a master’s degree in cybersecurity?

The challenges of cybersecurity are now central and strategic for companies from SMEs to large accounts. To this end, a specialized master’s degree in cybersecurity allows you to best meet the needs of the market by joining a cybersecurity team.

All companies today must have an IT department (IS). It is no longer a question of simply managing networks and the day-to-day business of IT hardware, but of developing a true information system security (ISS) strategy.

Cybercrime is exploding today, and all the information of a company is now digitalized: emails, contracts, budgets, confidential information or even the details of the identity of employees and providers. This crime can also take place internally, because guaranteeing internal security also means ensuring that employees respect the charter for the use of computer equipment at work.

Does ECE offer a master specialized in cybersecurity?

Yes, ECE proposes a master specialized in cybersecurity, called Msc Manager of cybersecurity in two years (Bac+5). This master’s degree is designed for students who wish to specialize and combine knowledge of the sector, management know-how and technical expertise in the field of digital engineering.
The course offers 120 ECTS. It is SecNumedu certified and offers instruction in French beginning in September.

What types of institutions offer specialized masters in cybersecurity?

The institutions that offer masters specialized in cybersecurity are computer science schools, business schools, universities, or engineering schools that offer expert and scientific teaching.

ECE: the expertise of an engineering school

ECE is a French Grande Ecole of Engineering and offers an excellent education. These specialized courses aim to prepare students to meet the challenges of our society: the digital and environmental transition.
The pedagogy deployed by the ECE proposes to consolidate the scientific and technical fundamentals, while allowing the essential acquisition of managerial skills for a manager.

What is the curriculum of a master’s degree in cybersecurity?

The master specialized in cybersecurity proposed by ECE allows :

  • An expertise in computer security and the ability to design a cybersecurity strategy for a client or a company;
  • The management of cybersecurity projects by being aligned with a strategy;
  • The development, qualification and maintenance of cybersecurity solutions by always meeting the needs and standards imposed;
  • Just-in-time management of incidents and crises related to cyber-malware, while ensuring the continuity of the daily tasks of an IT department;

And the mastery of standards, methods and regulations regarding the security of information systems.

What are the opportunities for a master’s degree in cybersecurity?

There are many job opportunities. Upon completion of the course, students can apply for jobs such as: cybersecurity consultant, project security manager, security project manager, security solutions developer, or security solutions integrator.

After three years of experience acquired in the field of business, the graduate can aspire to positions such as cybersecurity crisis manager, Security Operation Center (SOC) manager, Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) manager, or Information Systems Security Manager.

What is the price of a master’s degree in cybersecurity?

In 2022, the price of a master specialized in cybersecurity at ECE is 9 950 € per year.

The price of the master’s degree for non-European students is €10,440 per year, and €9,950 in the second year.

Internships and work-study programs at ECE

ECE allows its students to do internships throughout their training, but also to do work-study programs. Within this framework, the student alternates between being present in the company and being present at the school. This possibility allows students to train in the field, in contact with professionals, but also to finance their training because the company pays the tuition fees and pays a salary to the student, depending on his age and level of study.

Who is a master’s degree in cybersecurity for?

The master’s degree in cybersecurity is aimed at all students with 4 or 5 years of higher education who wish to specialize in a promising profession.

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Updated 2 January 2024