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What is a Bachelor in Cybersecurity?

A bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity is a three-year degree in digital data protection.

What is the difference between a bachelor and a licence?

The bachelor’s degree and the license are diplomas completed after the Bac. These two courses take three years to complete and lead to a Bac+3.
The license is recognized by the State and is generally carried out within universities. As for the Bachelor’s degree , which is obtained in a private school, it may or may not be recognized by the State, depending on the certification obtained by the school.

In general, the Bachelor’s degreecan be considered more professional and has a more international outlook.
Whether it is for the Bachelor’s or the Licence, the student can then continue his studies in Master’s degree if he wishes it or integrate the job market.

What is cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is a growing field that guarantees security in the digital world, not only for hardware but also for personal and government data.
This security is necessary today because all the processes of companies, but also of everyday life are becoming digitalized. A lot of confidential, personal and professional data can be accessible to a malicious person. To this end, cyber attacks or cyber surveillance must be monitored.

Does ECE offer a bachelor in cybersecurity?

ECE offers a Bachelor in Digital, which is a degree actually specialized in cybersecurity. This is a three-year post-bac program. Two school starts are possible, in March and in September. The third year can be done in alternation between the school and the company.

The Digital Bachelor offers three specialties in the final year of study:

  • Web & mobile development;
  • Digital business & data;
  • Cybersecurity & networks.

What types of institutions offer bachelor’s degrees in cybersecurity?

Private institutions offer Bachelors in cybersecurity, especially engineering schools, but also schools specializing in computer science and new technologies. Cybersecurity licenses, on the other hand, are offered by universities.

What is the JIT?

ECE, since 1919, is an engineering school located in Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux and Rennes. It is a Private Higher Education Institution recognized by the State. This school is also accredited by the Commission des Titres d’Ingénieurs (CTI) to deliver the engineering degree. ECE is also a member of the Conférence des Grandes Écoles, CDEFI, UGEI and Campus France.

What is the curriculum for a bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity?

The bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity offers a common core of theoretical learning in order to understand the fields related to computer security and to combine management and technique . The aim is to learn and apply the laws, devices, policies, and concepts related to cybersecurity.

The planning of a bachelor in cybersecurity at ECE

The schedule of the Digital Bachelor’s program is divided as follows:

  • Bachelor 1, common core of digital bachelor courses, then 1 to 2 months of internship (June to July);
  • Bachelor 2, common core of digital bachelor courses, an international stay, then 4 months of internship (April to July);
  • Bachelor 3, speciality of your choice in alternation, or in course with an internship in a company.

The program by specialty at the ECE

The specialties offered by the ECE propose each to explore :

  • Web, iOS applications, Android applications, Design and UX (User Experience);
  • Big Data, digital marketing, data analysis, web & mobile applications;
  • Ethic hacking, system security, and security management

What are the opportunities for a bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity?

The job market after a bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity

Following a bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity, students can decide to enter the working world as a cybersecurity assistant, web developer, or cybersecurity project manager.

Master’s degree after a bachelor’s degree

However, it is recommended that you continue your training with a Master’s degree in cybersecurity for two years (Bac+5). ECE proposes to continue its training in Msc Data Engineer & Artificial Intelligence or in Msc Cybersecurity Manager which are Master level degrees.

Completing a bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity with a master’s degree allows the student to:

  • Gain experience through internships offered as part of your studies;
  • Specializing and gaining skills through academic learning;
  • Stand out in the job market;
  • and achieve higher salary levels.

Professionalize yourself with a work-study program or an international exchange

However, if the student wishes to start entering the world of work after the bachelor’s degree, then it is interesting to pursue a Master’s or Msc in cybersecurity in a sandwich course. For two years, the student divides his time between school and work in a company. An exchange abroad can also be a good opportunity to learn about a more international career.

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Updated 2 January 2024