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Which major defense companies specialize in cybersecurity?

According to a recent study commissioned by Microsoft, 8 out of 10 companies fall victim to cyberattacks each year. There are many ways to penetrate and corrupt a system. Over the past decade, the demand for cybersecurity experts has been growing steadily and many specialized companies have emerged. Each one offers adapted services and software. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the main players in the sector:

  • HackerOne – Revenue, $25 million – Systems are developed by former hackers. Security is optimized through penetration testing, vulnerability disclosure programs, compliance testing and bug bounties.
  • Cipher – Revenue, $25 million – This company provides managed security services, cyber intelligence and cyber technology integration services. In addition, it offers risk and compliance management.
  • Symantec – Revenue, $5 billion – There is advanced threat protection, endpoint, email, cloud and network security.
  • Cisco – Revenue, $50 billion – Malware protection, multi-factor authentication and security services, firewall, ultra-secure cloud.
  • Immuniweb – Revenue, $3 million – Asset inventory, user available security dashboard, application security testing, software composition analysis, continuous security monitoring, dark web monitoring, data leakage monitoring, GDPR and PCI DSS compliance.
  • Science Sort – Revenue, $25 million – Includes infrastructure security audit, compliance testing, thorough vulnerability assessment, and various penetration tests.

CyberArk – Revenue, $262 million – Cloud risk management and DevOps, security access via Application identity Manager, Conjur and Endpoint privilege manager applications.

Which firms and consulting groups specialize in cybersecurity?

Mostly from the IT world, many consulting firms have entered the cybersecurity field. Indeed, the digitalization of the business world exposes it to many threats. Data theft, malicious intrusion of a system or manipulation for financial purposes have become commonplace for companies. Today, they must invest in means of protection in order to ensure their safeguarding and their durability. Here is a non-exhaustive list of firms and and consulting groups specializing in cybersecurity:

  • Accenture
  • Capgemini consulting
  • IBM global business services
  • Atos consulting
  • Deloitte consulting
  • EY consulting
  • Securymind
  • Abington advisory
  • Advens
  • CGI Business consulting
  • EVA group
  • Harmony Technology
  • KPMG Advisory
  • Mckinsey Company
  • Wavestone

Which Pure Players specialize in cybersecurity?

  • Ercom

In place for over 30 years, this company is a leader in the field of communication and personal data security. As such, they are the official suppliers of the telephone of the French presidential plane and ensure an ultra secure communication.

  • Brandsays

The company offers a unique tool to avoid various identified attacks such as phishing or illegal sales on the Internet. For example, the company is working with UEFA to help fans avoid being scammed by fake resale sites. Brands can alert in real time if users are about to buy from a fraudulent site.

  • Evidian

This company offers an integrated solution through the management of passwords and identity tokens. The goal is to ensure the security of mobile devices, tablets and desktops for a simple and efficient user experience.

What are the challenges of cybersecurity in companies?

Cybersecurity issues are multiple and represent a major challenge for companies. Its objectives are:

  • Protecting the customer’s personal data
  • Protecting sensitive company data
  • Ensuring secure trade

The demand for protection is exponential and attacks related to internet activities are on the rise since the COVID crisis. In addition, employee mobility (due to telecommuting) weakens the digital infrastructures of companies, especially through the use of public clouds. Most companies are not yet prepared for potential cyber attacks.

That’s why companies need quick and pragmatic solutions to minimize risks. Especially since the attacks do not only affect the largest companies, but also SMEs and public organizations such as those of health. The field of cybersecurity is therefore an essential cog in the mechanics of business. He is responsible for the growth of the company, the protection of professional and personal data, its long-term survival, and its brand image.

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Updated 2 January 2024