Why go to an engineering school in Paris?

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Every year, many students join an engineering school in Paris. This choice is not insignificant, because the capital has a lot to offer and even attracts foreign students. Let’s see in this article what reasons can push young people to join a Parisian school specialized in engineering.

In summary:

  • Paris is a unique student city, skillfully combining culture, leisure and academic excellence.
  • In an engineering school in Paris like ECE, it is possible to train in various technological and digital sectors after the baccalaureate.
  • Parisian engineering students also benefit from remarkable professional opportunities, thanks to the presence of forward-looking companies.

Why choose an engineering school in Paris?

There are many reasons why students choose to study engineering in Paris. In addition to having prestigious educational institutions, the French capital has been able to cross the ages and adorn itself with a rich history, which will delight culture lovers.

An engineering school in Paris, the ideal environment to study

Many young people in France and abroad dream of starting their studies in Paris. Regularly ranked among the best student cities in France, the City of Light stands out from other cities because of its wide range of educational opportunities. At the university level, Paris concentrates the largest number of students and is the largest academy in France. This is due in particular to the plurality of training courses offered and the number of specialties proposed.

Attending an engineering school in Paris gives you the opportunity to discover various engineering sectors, such as chemistry, physics, aeronautics, civil or industrial engineering, logistics, digital technology, biomechanics or the space industry. This wide choice allows each person to develop in the way that best suits them.

If we add to this the prestige of certain higher education institutions and the recognition they enjoy at the international level, it is easy to understand why Paris appears to be an ideal student city.

Enjoying your youth in the capital

Paris is one of those cities that allows you to easily combine the useful with the pleasant. In addition to receiving a quality education, students will have plenty of time to enjoy their precious youth. It’s no secret that the capital’s nightlife is hectic. The students will appreciate the fact that they can meet and share moments of conviviality.

Modern, cosmopolitan and bustling, the French capital has everything to seduce students!

Paris, a historical capital to discover

How can we talk about Paris without mentioning its cultural heritage and its rich patrimony? The capital is an ideal city for culture lovers and has a fascinating historical past, which is evident at every corner if you know where to look.

This intellectual effervescence is also reflected in the prodigious number of museums that can be visited throughout the year. Most often free for those under 26 and for students, these refuges of history attract visitors from all over the world. Take advantage of your studies at an engineering school in Paris to enrich your culture and immerse yourself in the beauty of some of the most famous works of art in the world.

What courses can be taken at an engineering school in Paris?

An engineering school in Paris like ECE allows you to train in a wide variety of scientific and technical fields. After the baccalaureate, students can enroll in the ECE Grande École program. They also have the possibility to join the ECE from the third year in Bachelor, or from the fourth year in MSc.

Register to the ECE Grande École program

The ECE Grande École program trains in five years the engineers of tomorrow. The students can integrate the ECE directly after their high school diploma and discover the technologies inherent to engineering and to their future profession. The first and second years of study are part of the integrated preparatory cycle of the ECE. The third, fourth and fifth years are part of the engineering cycle, leading to the title of engineer.

The third year, corresponding to the first year of the engineering cycle, gives students the opportunity to study for a semester in a foreign institution. Then, in the fourth and fifth years, i.e. the second and third years of the engineering cycle, students specialize in one of the eight majors offered. They also choose a minor and options for further study.

The majors offered cover various engineering and technology sectors, such as health, cybersecurity,energy and the environment, andaeronautics.

Apply for a Bachelor’s degree at ECE

Students can also follow a short and professional training at the ECE, because this engineering school in Paris offers a digital Bachelor accessible after the baccalaureate, after a baccalaureate +1 or a baccalaureate +2. Admissions are made directly to the ECE and outside Parcoursup.

In the Bachelor’s program, students have a common core during the first two years, before specializing in the third year. The following specialties are available:

The Bachelor’s specialties are essentially focused on cybersecurity and web development. At the end of their studies, students have solid technical and managerial skills that they put to use in innovative companies.

Apply for MSc at ECE

Finally, students can enroll in the MSc program at ECE and prepare a two-year diploma at the Baccalaureate +5 level. The MSc is aimed at candidates who wish to acquire proven technical expertise in engineering, but also proven managerial skills, making them qualified specialists. Thus prepared, students can easily face the demands and challenges of a world in perpetual transformation.

As with the Bachelor’s degree, specialties are offered in the MSc program to allow students to consolidate their knowledge and become recognized professionals in their fields.

Is an engineering school in Paris recognized internationally?

By opting for an engineering school in Paris, students make the choice of careers that are often oriented towards the world and foreign cultures. ECE is no exception to this principle, since the school is dedicated tointernational studies. Whether it is a semester or an internship abroad, all students will be exposed to this unknown space that only the courage to cross the threshold and discover our world will allow them to reach.

In addition to promoting the international mobility of its French students, ECE welcomes foreign students every year to its Paris campus, thus giving thousands of international students the opportunity to learn in an excellent environment.

ECE is a member of the OMNES Education group, which has campuses all over the world. This engineering school in Paris therefore benefits from a real recognition at the national level, as attested by its excellent positions in the engineering school rankings, but also internationally.

What are the professional opportunities for students attending an engineering school in Paris?

Attending an engineering school in Paris allows you to quickly enter the world of work. Indeed, the capital and more broadly the Ile-de-France region offer many job opportunities in the best scientific and technological companies. Thus, by choosing Paris as a student city, young people can take advantage of exciting internships and work-study programs that they can use throughout their careers.

In this spirit, the ECE cultivates long-lasting and solid relationships with renowned partner companies. The diplomas awarded by the school ensure real opportunities for students, who are sometimes recruited even before the end of their studies.

Culture, leisure activities, infrastructure or professional opportunities… There are many reasons to join an engineering school in Paris.

Updated 2 January 2024