An international school in the heart of Paris.

Just a stone’s throw from the Eiffel Tower, the Eiffel Campus is a central, modern campus that facilitates the participation of French and international professionals, conferences and business meetings. It is a place for the transfer of skills and theexchange of experiences between students, professors, researchers and professionals from the business world, where cultures from more than 40 countries are mixed.

A multi-school campus.

The Eiffel Campus has 6 buildings all within walking distance of each other. It houses 7 schools of the OMNES Education Group: Sup de Pub, ESCE, HEIP, IFG, EBS, Sup de Crea and ECE. The diversity of the courses allows for multidisciplinary encounters between students. They can thus share common projects, work together in associations or even benefit from bridges between schools. The modern infrastructures are open to all: interior courtyard, amphitheatres, wifi work spaces, cafeterias, relaxation and conviviality spaces…

An open, supportive, entrepreneurial campus.

The Eiffel Campus welcomes many personalities such as Tony Blair, Luc Ferry, Cédric Villani, Jacques Séguéla for conferences and personalized exchanges with our students. Solidarity events are organized such as blood donation, marauding, thematic days (Sport & Disability, etc.). Incubators welcome our students wishing to embark on the adventure of creating a startup. Trainings, events to reward the best student projects, etc. participate to putentrepreneurship at the heart of ECE pedagogy.

Visit of the Paris Campus in pictures

Take a virtual tour of the Eiffel Campus.

Laboratories, cafeterias, outdoor spaces, classrooms, associative spaces and even a vegetable garden on the roof … come and discover the nooks and crannies of the ECE during this virtual visit of the Eiffel 1, Eiffel 2 and Eiffel 4 buildings.

During the visit some icons will appear. Click on it to see the different departments of the ECE and meet the ones who are hiding in the corridors of the school.

Click on the arrows to move forward or backward through the school corridors.

Meeting with the teams in Paris.

You wish to visit the Campus, meet the ECE teams on site or benefit from an orientation meeting?

The address of the Campus is: 37, Quai de Grenelle – 75 015 Paris (Eiffel 2) / 10, Rue Sextius Michel – 75 015 Paris (Eiffel 1).

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Updated 23 June 2023