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4ème année
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L’énergie nucléaire, c’est un atout majeur pour la sécurité énergétique et pour répondre aux enjeux climatiques Agnès Pannier Runacher, Ministre de la Transition Energétique


Responsable de la Majeure Systèmes d’Energie Nucléaire

Nuclear Power Systems

Understand the key issues in the nuclear energy sector

  • Duration: 2 years
  • Start date: September 2024
  • Campus: Lyon
  • ECTS credits : 120
  • Language of instruction: French and English
  • Schedule: Full-time

Presentation of the Nuclear Energy Systems major engineering cycle

As a driving force in the fight against climate change, France’s ambition is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. Among the actions to achieve this, the revival of the nuclear sector is now a priority.

Strengthening nuclear power will not only help to reduce the carbon footprint of our electricity system, but also enhance its flexibility and resilience, as intermittent renewable energies become increasingly integrated.

The nuclear revival will also contribute to energy security and reindustrialization, as well as job creation, with an estimated 100,000 new positions over the next ten years.

This program is designed to enable students to acquire both the knowledge of the technical principles of nuclear engineering and the skills around digital systems, in order to support the digital transformation and expected growth of the nuclear industry.

Objectives of the Nuclear Energy Systems Major engineering cycle


and apply digital systems as tools for simplifying the design and operation of nuclear power plants, as well as for their safety.


the operation of nuclear power plants and the challenges of extending the life of existing reactors.


the innovations needed for the digital transformation and growth of the nuclear industry across the entire value chain.

Taking ownership

the legal framework and regulations governing nuclear activities, as well as sustainable development criteria.

Career opportunities for the Nuclear Energy Systems Major engineering cycle

  • Digital systems architect
  • Data Analyst
  • Design draftsman
  • Control engineer
  • Dismantling and remediation engineer
  • Process Development Engineer
  • Test and Verification Engineer
  • Design engineer
  • Nuclear Operations Engineer
  • Nuclear Measurement Engineer
  • Nuclear Safety Engineer
  • Systems engineer

The person in charge of the major – Alma Santa Rita

An engineering graduate of IMT Atlantique, she holds a Master of Science and Technology in Progress Engineering, as well as an engineering degree from the National University of Mexico. Alma has over twenty years’ experience in the energy sector as a project development manager and operations director. Today, she is responsible for the Nuclear Energy Systems major.

Découvrez la Majeure Systèmes d’Énergie Nucléaire

avec Alma Santa-Rita

The Major program

2ème année du cycle ingénieur (S7 et S8)

Nuclear Physics I26h
Nuclear physics II26h
Thermal fluids engineering20h
Basics of chemistry and radiochemistry24h
Fundamentals of electricity20h
Numerical methods for nuclear applications I26h
Numerical methods for nuclear applications II26h
Information systems security30h
Network architecture and security30h
Nuclear systems engineering (LWR)24h
Nuclear criticality safety26h
The social and environmental challenges of nuclear energy24h

3ème année du cycle ingénieur (S9)

Nuclear systems engineering24h
Economics of nuclear power generation16h
Nuclear waste management and dismantling20h
Digital reactor (digital twin)20h
Analysis of nuclear fuel cycle systems20h
Integrating reactor design, operation and safety30h
Digital Control System20h

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Updated 26 January 2024