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Mastering digital technology is the key to technological superiority and will enable us to maintain our advantage in the field – Florence Parly, former French Minister of the Armed Forces

Sébastien Fontaine

Head of the Defense & Technology major

Defense & Technology major

Understand the key challenges of digital technology in defense and become a player in the design and implementation of future capabilities.

  • Duration: 2 years
  • Start date: September 2024
  • Campus: Paris
  • ECTS credits : 120
  • Language of instruction: French
  • Schedule: Full-time

Introducing the Defense & Technology engineering major

While digital contributions have always shaped the world of defense, an unprecedented revolution is in the offing with the rise of the latest digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, Big Data, cloud computing and quantum capabilities.

The aim of this major is to give future ECE graduates the keys to understanding the challenges of using digital technology in the world of defense, as well as mastering the digital technologies that will shape the defense industry in the future.

Each training module in this major includes an acculturation to the specificities of the Defense environment, more technical courses to master key digital technologies, and finally practical case studies that synthesize the previous courses.

Objectives of the Defense & Technology engineering major

Understanding defense issues: Students learn to understand the geopolitical, strategic and technological issues related to defense. This includes the study of current and emerging threats, as well as national and international defense policies.

Mastering cutting-edge technologies: Students acquire expertise in cutting-edge technologies used in the Mastering cutting-edge technologies: Students acquire expertise in cutting-edge technologies used in the defense industry. This can include the study of weapons systems, cybersecurity, secure communication, surveillance, detection, and so on.

Defense project management : Future engineers learn to manage complex defense-related projects, taking into account cost, deadline and safety constraints. They are trained in planning, coordination and resource management.

Ethics and responsibility: Students are made aware of the ethical and legal issues related to defense. They learn to take into account the ethical implications of their work and to respect the standards of professional responsibility in the defense field.

Career opportunities for the Defense & Technology engineering major

  • IS Project Manager
  • Data Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Analyst
  • Digital Investigation Manager
  • Cybersecurity Engineer
  • Head of intelligence data flow management
  • Full Stack development engineer
  • Expert in AI Infrastructure, Big Data and HPC applications

Major Manager – Sébastien Fontaine

Graduate engineer from the Ecole de l’Air, MBA “Entrepreneurship” from Kedge Business School. Sébastien has had a long and varied career with the French Ministry of Defence, particularly in training. In conjunction with companies in the Defense industrial and technological base, it has also contributed on several occasions to the development of the air force of the future. Today, he is in charge of the Defense and Technologies major, as well as being deputy director of ECE Bordeaux.

Meeting with Sébastien Fontaine

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Updated 26 January 2024