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In a nutshell:

  • Cybersecurity encompasses the protection of systems, networks and data against cyberthreats, maintaining the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.
  • Working in cybersecurity offers the chance to help protect data, learn constantly and take on stimulating challenges with promising career prospects.
  • A minimum level of education of bac +3 enables rapid entry into the field, but a master’s degree in cybersecurity (bac +5) offers in-depth expertise, increased responsibilities and salary opportunities.
  • ECE offers a range of cybersecurity courses, from bac +3 to bac +5, including a Bachelor’s degree and specialized two-year programs, offering a combination of technical and managerial skills with internships in companies.

What is cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity encompasses all technologies. It encompasses an entire process designed to protect computer systems, networks, data and programs against cyberthreats. Threats can take many forms, such as malware attacks, theft of sensitive information, or network intrusions. Cybersecurity is designed to prevent, detect and respond to these threats. It maintains the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.

With the rapid evolution of technology, cybersecurity has become a major concern in all sectors.

Why would you want to work in cybersecurity?

There are many advantages to working in cybersecurity. You contribute to the protection of sensitive information and critical infrastructures. You learn new things every day, because it’s essential to stay on top of the latest threats.

In constant evolution, this sector offers stimulating and varied challenges. You’ll have to find quick and effective solutions to counter digital attacks.

Today, the demand for cybersecurity specialists continues to grow. This creates promising career prospects, with the opportunity to make a significant contribution to the global safety of organizations and individuals.

What are the main jobs in cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity professions are diverse. You can choose to become an IT security specialist, cybersecurity consultant or threat analyst.

Whatever the position you’re interested in, you’ll generally be required to design, implement and maintain effective safety measures to prevent incidents. Depending on the business, you may be responsible for searching for vulnerabilities, focusing on incident response or raising awareness of data protection issues.

It’s worth noting that the variety of jobs in cybersecurity offers IT security enthusiasts a multitude of career paths.

What is the minimum level of education required to work in cybersecurity?

A minimum level of education of bac +3, equivalent to a bachelor’s or bachelor’s degree, enables rapid entry into the world of cybersecurity. The training courses offered by leading business schools provide a solid grounding in IT security. They help you prepare for the practical challenges of the field.

Note that this accessibility makes it easier to enter the job market if you want to make a rapid contribution to information systems security.

Why do a master’s degree in cybersecurity?

Opting for a Master’s degree, MSc, or equivalent diploma at bac +5 level, is the ideal option for becoming a cybersecurity expert. It also gives you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge of the field. These programs enable you to acquire proven expertise, opening the way to positions of greater responsibility. What’s more, graduates of cybersecurity masters programs can expect higher salaries. Indeed, they reflect the level of expertise and ability to meet complex challenges in this constantly evolving field.

How to train in cybersecurity at ECE?

ECE offers a range of courses enabling you to work in cybersecurity. Courses range from bac +3 to bac +5. You can choose between :


The Cybersecurity and Networking Administrator Bachelor’s degree gives you in-depth knowledge of security breaches, cyberattacks, online threats and effective cybersecurity solutions. You can deepen your knowledge in a specialization that interests you, such as cybersecurity and network administrator and network architect.

Cybersecurity major in the engineering Grande Ecole program

This program lasts 2 years. It enables you to learn how to design and manage training systems. It also helps you understand the world of defensive cybersecurity: IT infrastructure, databases, cryptography.

MSc cybersecurity manager

This 2-year program gives you the managerial and technical skills you need to work in cybersecurity. By the end of the course, you’ll be a professional who can grasp the issues in the field, rise to any challenge and manage a project.

At ECE, you have the opportunity to choose the program best suited to your skills. In addition to classroom courses, you’ll take part in internships to learn about working life and expand your network.

Updated 31 May 2024