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Are you interested in information and/or communication? Do you want to learn more about these topics in order to practice in these environments? If this is your wish, then digital training is recommended. However, it is important to know the field first. You need to consider why training in digital is beneficial.

In summary:

Getting trained in digital:

  • Gives you access to the world of the web.
  • Ensures you always have work thanks to permanent recruitment.
  • Includes the fields of information and communication.
  • Provides you with many interesting jobs.
  • Can be done within an engineering school.
  • Offers many professional opportunities for the years to come.

Why train in digital technology?

Contrary to the professions in the more traditional fields, the digital sector is in constant evolution. For good reason, it finds its place perfectly among the web professions in general. Therefore, this training can enrich your knowledge, but also your skills. This is for a successful integration into professional life or retraining.

Also, the digital sector remains very active and requires more and more professionals. With this, you can always be sure to find work more easily. Moreover, the fields encompassed in digital offer you great versatility.

What is digital?

Digital technology refers to all new technologies related to information and communication. Thus, it can be electronics, telecommunication or computer science.

In fact, almost everything related to the web also belongs to the digital domain. Moreover, this is also the case for everything related to new technologies. This is why it is becoming a very attractive field for professionals.

The digital engineering professions

Within the framework of digital engineering, the jobs to which you can have access after training are numerous and varied. It is therefore important to know what they are so that you can follow the program that best suits your professional orientation.

Web Developer

The web developer feeds the vast digital world by creating websites. He takes care of the aesthetic, practical and technical aspects of the site to bring it to life. Of course, this must also be done with respect to the needs of the client for whom he works.

The web developer can also work in the maintenance of the site afterwards. At this time, he must ensure that all the site’s features are working. At the same time, he must also correct errors if any and optimize the site when possible.

Web Analyst

The web analyst is a profession that makes digital thrive. Indeed, its role is to collect all the data of the activities of a given site and to analyze them meticulously. After that, the web analyst must propose a strategy according to the interpretation of this data. This is obviously done in order to improve the visibility and activities of the site.

Cyber Security Specialist

As a cyber security specialist, you ensure the protection of computer data at all costs. Generally, if you choose this profession, you will work in a computer engineering company or as a consultant.

It is your responsibility to regularly monitor all computer security measures. If these are obsolete, you are responsible for strengthening them.

ECE courses to become an engineer

If you want to train in digital technology and become an engineer, ECE is the school you need. By integrating this school, you can notably follow a Bachelor’s degree in Cybersecurity & Networks. Then, you have the option to continue with an MSc Manager of Cybersecurity. You can also become a Data Engineer with an MSc Data Engineer & Artificial Intelligence.

If you want to find all our programs, go directly to our website. The FAQ section is also available if you have any questions.

The digital professions that will be recruiting the most in 2023

Before you train in digital, be aware that some jobs are slightly more popular than others. In first place, the web developer is still the job that recruits the most. Indeed, the creation and maintenance of websites are always a must. In second place, the job of data expert is also in high demand. This includes the data scientist, the data analyst and the data architect. Finally, the digital project manager is also currently in high demand.

Updated 2 January 2024