Which preparatory course should I choose to enter an engineering school in computer science?

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The IT sector offers several opportunities with the best jobs in demand on the professional market today. To work in the sector, which fields should be chosen? To enter an engineering school, a preparatory course is often necessary. What does this scientific preparatory stage consist of? Which preparatory school for computer engineering? We will enlighten you on this subject.

Which preparatory course should I choose to study computer science engineering?

The post-baccalaureate preparatory phase consists of a year of upgrading. It is done before the integration to the higher studies. During the course, students acquire new theoretical and technical knowledge in digital technologies and science. The latter prepare them for the entrance exam to engineering schools.

The scientific preparatory stage is divided into 3 courses:

  • the integrated preparatory course to learn about the job of a computer engineer;
  • the general preparatory cycle in a computer engineering school;
  • the Biology and Digital Prep.

How long does it take to get into a computer engineering school?

The preparatory stage is an integral part of the student’s path to integrate a computer science engineering school like ECE. This preparatory phase is mandatory. Indeed, it takes 2 years to complete before starting the 3-year engineering cycle.

Do I have to do a preparatory course to enter an engineering school and study computer science?

The preparatory phase remains a major step in the process of entering engineering schools. According to statistics, 36% of students are not exempt. However, it is no longer mandatory to become an engineer. According to figures from the Conférence des grandes écoles (CGE), 21% of engineering students are integrated directly after the baccalauréat. The 17% went through a DUT or a BTS, and the 6% through a university. The rest is divided between foreign degrees, bachelors and other courses.

Which specialization should I choose in high school to do a preparatory course for a computer science engineering school?

The specialties allow students to prepare their graduate studies in advance. To enter a post-Bac engineering school in computer science, some combinations of specialties are to be chosen:

  • for the first combination: Mathematics, Physics-Chemistry and Engineering Sciences;
  • the second includes : Mathematics, Physics-Chemistry and Life and Earth Sciences;
  • the third one is composed of : Mathematics, Numerical and Computer Sciences, Physics-Chemistry.

What are the courses of a preparatory program to enter a computer science engineering school?

The MP2I preparatory phase concerns general baccalaureate students. This stage is for students interested in computer science, mathematics and physics. Students in this line must choose for the following combination: in 1st grade, mathematics, physics-chemistry and digital and computer science. In their senior year, they must choose mathematics, digital and computer sciences, physics-chemistry or engineering sciences. Taking the expert math option is also recommended. High school students with other paths can enter the school of computer engineering with a motivation for digital technology and the required level.

The courses of a preparatory course to enter the school of computer engineering are well distributed. most often 18 hours per week. The two main disciplines are mathematics and physics-chemistry, followed by computer science.

In computer science, students study two programming languages in parallel, C and OCaml. The teaching advances several fields of the discipline such as recursion, data structures, algorithms, dynamic programming, memory and file management, databases.

The objective in mathematics is to acquire the scientific approach and tools useful to other disciplines. The program consists of reasoning and calculus techniques, linear algebra, analysis, arithmetic, polynomials, enumeration and finite probability.

As for physics and chemistry, students who missed this specialty in their final year of high school can take it. This program covers geometric and interference optics, waves, electricity, mechanics, thermodynamics, induction phenomena and quantum physics. Chemistry deals with the relationships between the structure of chemical entities and the macroscopic physical properties and transformations of matter.

Finally, in industrial engineering sciences, students learn about multi-technology systems in various fields. The TIPE or framed personal initiative work, French and philosophy, modern languages and PE are added to the program.

What is the preparatory cycle of the ECE, engineering school offering training in computer science?

ECE is an engineering school in computer science. Its preparatory cycle takes place during the first 2 years of the student’s career. Students can join the Grande École Program after the baccalaureate. The engineering cycle does not begin until the3rd year.

Updated 2 January 2024