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The web development includes everything related to the design and operation of a website, using a programming language. Does the job appeal to you? Find out where and how to train to work in the sector, if you are in France.

Where to learn web development?

Web development is a field focused on web technologies, in order to offer solutions that meet the expectations of customers. Engineering schools and computer science schools are therefore your best allies to familiarize yourself with all the basics of the field.

ECE is an engineering school specialized in computer science, which offers a three-year bachelor program in web & mobile development. This course is a specialization of the ECE digital bachelor and takes place in the last year. It allows you to acquire all the fundamental notions to access the web and mobile development professions.

What does a web development course consist of?

In addition to the web developer web development is a career path that opens the door to a wide range of positions. In addition to websites, he is interested in developing applications for Android and iOS.

Regardless of the orientation chosen, the course of study is based on mastering the fundamentals of computer science. The different programming languages are part of the essential notions to master during a training in this field. In addition to this, other skills include:

  • the use of graphic tools, especially since the JIT focuses heavily on design;
  • notions in web technologies;
  • knowledge in digital communication;
  • mastery of front-end and back-end development ;
  • the basics of web integration ;
  • the ability to develop applications for all systems.

How do I get into a web development course?

Admission requirements vary from one institution to another. As mentioned before, the web & mobile development bachelor is an integral part of the ECE digital bachelor. This course is open to third-year students.

The admission itself is done by studying the file, followed by an individual interview. However, the school is open to bridging competitions, which gives students who have previously followed another course the opportunity to change courses.

In other words, you can integrate the digital bachelor of the ECE after a first year of BTS or DUT. You can then specialize in web & mobile development in the third year. Direct admission to the third year is also possible for those who have already validated their degree and those who have completed the L2.

Where should I learn web development?

The bachelor program in web & mobile development takes place at the Paris campus. The training can be done on a full-time basis or as an apprenticeship. The second option allows you to alternate courses and periods in the company to immerse yourself in the profession beforehand. Indeed,ECE has developed several partnerships to allow its students to benefit from a work-study contract all along their course.

Note that the apprenticeship contract is based on the same principles as the traditional employment contract. This means that you get paid and have time off, while being subject to the company’s conditions.

Is it possible to learn web development abroad?

As previously mentioned, ECE benefits from many partnerships, both in France and abroad. For its bachelor program, the school collaborates with a London university. In other words, students can take a 2-month internship or a trip abroad during their training. This international opening has several objectives, namely:

  • gain experience;
  • discover new corporate cultures;
  • improve language skills, so as to be fully versatile at the end of the course;
  • to make the most of your CV for future job searches.
Updated 2 January 2024