What are the different computer training courses?

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Computer science is a booming sector that offers many opportunities. To function, a company requires the skills of one or more network professionals. To specialize in the digital professions requires the following of a curriculum within a school of engineering in Computer Science like ECE. We explain the different computer training courses offered.

Which training to choose in computer science?

The computer industry is closely linked to technology and science. Technology is moving towards software development and maintenance. Science focuses on a series of theories, methods and formal tools to ensure the development of technology. We can list some of the training courses that are essential to the profession:

  • software or application development;
  • natural referencing ;
  • web design and computer systems administration;
  • management of computer networks;
  • IT project management ;
  • computer maintenance and security;
  • e-reputation;
  • cloud computing.

IT training: which sector to choose?

Nowadays, the research engineering and computer development professions represent the needs of companies. They bring together fields such as networks, software and artificial intelligence. As a research and development engineer, you will develop new products and improve existing processes with new technologies. In close collaboration with the marketing teams, you will choose the solutions and partners to carry out your project.

How long does a computer training course last?

Professional computer training can last a few months or several years. During this period, the apprentices benefit from dedicated supervision and content. At the end of the training, a state diploma or a certification is issued.

As for the training delivered by the ECE, it can go up to 5 years depending on your objective. However, it is possible to choose short courses in 2 or 3 years such as a BTS or a Bachelor’s degree in order to quickly become professional.

Short training in computer science: Bac +2 and Bac +3

The short training in computer science lasts 2 to 3 years. At the end of the 2 years of training, you will have a BTS or a BUT. You can also follow a license or a professional license at the university or a Bachelor in computer science like the ECE offers.

Long training in computer science : bac +5

The long training in computer science is divided into 5 years of training. It is intended for apprentices who want to obtain their Master’s degree at the end of their training. Within the ECE, you can follow two training courses leading to a diploma of Bac +5 level:

For which profession does a computer training prepare?

A computer training gives access to several professions. We list the most sought after by companies:

  • full stack developer: manages multiple and varied IT requests, and handles website design, development and programming;
  • React developer (front end): contributes to the development of applications and intervenes on the ergonomics, the integration of models, the development tests and the necessary technical corrections;
  • data scientists: manage and analyze raw data in real time.
  • Artificial intelligence engineer: designs complex computer programs. An engineering or master’s degree is required;
  • cybersecurity engineer: deals with the fight against computer threats and guarantees the security of information systems;
  • DevOps engineer: manages the software development process in place, taking into account the challenges of deployment on different environments;
  • computer architect: designs or adjusts the structure of operating systems;
  • IT project manager: sets up and takes care of the global follow-up of the IT project;
  • mobile developer: participates in the design of mobile applications. To do this, it takes into account the constraints related to the mobile tool and user behavior.

How do I get into a computer science program after high school?

To enter a computer science program after high school, you will have to go through a selection process. Post-baccalaureate schools usually recruit through competitive exams and/or after a preparatory course. If you want to continue your studies after a post-baccalaureate school in computer science, you can specialize in a school for web professions or choose a university course in computer science.

You can also enter a two-year scientific preparatory class, and then join a computer science school. This course takes three or four years to complete, with a level II certification at the end of the training.

Why follow a training in computer science in an engineering school like ECE?

Choosing a reputable and qualified school like ECE is essential for your computer science training. With us, you benefit from a business and digital oriented training. We offer an apprenticeship training allowing you to alternate periods of classes and work in a company during 2 or 3 years. By following the ECE computer science training, you will be in a research environment. You will visit laboratories, do mini research projects. You will also benefit from an international opening. This is why we propose a globalization of exchanges, a relocation of productions and English-speaking laboratories.

Updated 2 January 2024