Community life is an integral part of ECE’s pedagogy. In addition to exercising one’s passions and meeting new people, this involvement in associations allows one to develop new skills called soft skills: learning to work in a team, managing a budget, crisis communication, etc. It is exciting and enriching!


In charge of the associative life

A very rich student life

ECE is an association for every passion. Video games, poker, magic, finance, music, arts, dance, cinema, fashion, robotics, etc. ECE is 33 associations which give rhythm to the daily life of our students. In addition to being able to practice one’s passion, to make friends, the associations allow to add a precious line on the CV: learn how to manage a budget, build an event or prepare a communication plan. Associations are the promise of an eventful student life with many memories!

ECE is a rich and eventful student life!

Nearly 41 associations punctuate the year by allowing students to practice their passion but also to acquire new skills.
Thursday afternoons are dedicated to association life.

The Associations of the ECE

Updated 26 June 2023