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What is a business roundtable?

These digital events, hosted by the Heads of Majors, present various panels of alumni so that you can better understand the factors that led them to choose a particular major. These alumni will share their professional experience and be available to answer any questions you may have about majors and careers.


In order to design these services, it is necessary to acquire a global vision. It starts with a reflection on the use in an approach that is similar to that of the designer. It ends with the knowledge of the market and theanalysis of the value chain of the connected service. Between the two are technical skills whose variety will be the asset of the Engineer from the Connected Objects, Networks and Services major.

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Les 8 majeures technologiques sont librement choisies par chaque étudiant en 2e année du cycle ingénieur. 
Une majeure couvre un domaine technologique très large.
Elle permet d’approfondir ce domaine tout en développant une ouverture généraliste aux technologies de l’information.

Updated 25 March 2022