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The professional world is increasingly interconnected. Technology is at the heart of almost every process. This promoted the introduction of Cloud Computing. This revolution is redefining the way we use our IT resources. This is an area of particular interest to young students. Where can they get their training? Explore the various possibilities for training in Cloud Computing. Find out why you should choose this path.

In summary:

  • Cloud Computing is a promising sector with many exciting career options.
  • It offers interesting career prospects and attractive remuneration packages.
  • There are several options for training in this field. Attending a specialized school like ECE is one of them.
  • Possible programs include the Bachelor’s degree in IT, the Cloud Engineering & Management sandwich course and the Cloud Computing MSc.

Why choose cloud computing training?

There are many advantages to training in cloud computing. For technology and IT enthusiasts, this is a sector that promises great prospects for years to come. Indeed, the demand for skills in this field is growing, as this expert is much in demand by companies.

As a result, most cloud computing jobs offer attractive remuneration packages and tempting career prospects. What’s more, this technology is constantly evolving. Choosing training in this sector means you stay up to date with the latest trends and practices.

Thanks to its broad field of application, cloud computing training can also give you the opportunity to work internationally. Once you’ve graduated, you’re free to work as a consultant, which means more freedom. It also allows you to diversify your projects.

Where to learn about cloud computing?

To train in cloud computing, you generally need to go to an IT school. It offers appropriate programs for absolute beginners, as well as support for initial training.

You can also follow a complete training program at certain digital and IT-oriented engineering schools, such as ECE. The latter enables its students to follow a sandwich course. In this way, they can combine theory with practical work experience.

What skills are developed during cloud computing training?

Training in cloud computing helps to develop a wide range of technical and cross-disciplinary skills. Here are just a few examples:

  • a strong capacity for analysis and synthesis;
  • versatility and adaptability;
  • language skills, especially fluency in English;
  • good communication and negotiation skills;
  • good leadership skills to direct teams with ease;
  • expertise in cloud platforms and architecture;
  • expertise in cloud resource management and database management;
  • ability to collaborate and work as part of a team;
  • experience in developing cloud-native applications;
  • project and cost management skills ;
  • proficiency in project supervision and monitoring tools.

What career options are there after training in cloud computing?

After training in cloud computing, there are many job opportunities open to you. Here is a non-exhaustive list:

  • cloud engineer;
  • cloud system administrator ;
  • cloud architect ;
  • cloud developer ;
  • cloud consultant ;
  • cloud security specialist ;
  • cloud data analyst ;
  • cloud project manager ;
  • cloud compliance manager ;
  • cloud database administrator.

What cloud computing training courses does ECE offer?

The engineering school or ECE offers a range of courses related to cloud computing. These include the Bachelor of Information, the Cloud Engineering & Management Major in the Engineering Program and the MSc Cloud Computing. Each of these programs has its own particularities.

Bachelor in computer science

This 3-year course enables you to learn some of the basics of the cloud and quickly become a professional. Once they have completed their training, students can choose to join the world of work, or continue their studies and specialize with a Bac +5 diploma. The language of instruction is French.

Cloud Engineering & Management major in the Engineering Program

The Majeure Cloud Engineering & Management program is available in the 4th and 5th years of the ECE engineering program. It leads to a diploma at bac +5 level, leading to the title of engineer. It is a 2-year sandwich course.

A work-study program enables you to acquire theoretical knowledge and put it into practice directly on the job. This route is also advantageous because the language of learning is English. This easily opens the door to job opportunities abroad.

MSc Cloud Computing

The MSc Cloud Computing offered by ECE is also ideal for training in this field. It leads to a bac +5 level. Its aim is to turn students into efficient cloud engineers.

You can enter after a 3-year higher education diploma in a scientific or technical field (IT). The program also lasts 2 years and courses are taught in English. You’ll be trained on our Paris campus.

Updated 31 May 2024