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Business needs in terms of data management are reinforcing the importance of cloud computing in the professional world. To establish yourself as an expert in this promising sector, in-depth training is essential. A Master’s degree in cloud computing is highly recommended. Would you like to know more about the program’s specific modules and career prospects? Find the answers to your questions in this article.

In summary:

  • A Master’s degree in Cloud Computing is the key to becoming an expert in this field.
  • The job opportunities promise a progressive career and high remuneration.
  • The program includes numerous modules on architecture, cloud security and data management.
  • The ECE is just one of the schools you can choose to study for a Master’s degree. Admission requirements are explained in this article.

What does a master’s degree in cloud computing involve?

A Master’s degree in Cloud Computing is a graduate program. It focuses on specialized skills such as storage, data processing and application access. During the training course, you will cover various modules, including :

  • cloud architecture: the program teaches you the fundamentals of cloud computing systems. It encompasses software and services (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS);
  • virtualization: the course trains you in the technology that enables the creation of virtual representations. The aim is to improve data center hardware resources;
  • cloud security: this module covers the procedures and technologies designed to ensure the security of your cloud infrastructure. You study potential threats, both internal and external;
  • Data management: students are trained to master the storage, recovery, backup and management of distributed databases;
  • essential tools: the program teaches you how to use and exploit the software you need to set up an efficient cloud system.

Why do a master’s degree in cloud computing?

Doing a master’s degree in cloud computing gives you access to comprehensive, in-depth training. You’ll acquire the technical skills you need for your practical work. Earning this diploma will enable you to meet the demands of the job market.

Companies are looking for qualified experts. Job offers are numerous and involve all sectors of activity. This diploma gives you the opportunity to choose the one that’s right for you.

Thanks to the skills acquired during the Master’s program, you’ll develop versatile expertise. This training opens the door to a variety of exciting careers.

What’s more, cloud computing professions offer potentially high salary expectations. This reflects the strategic value these experts bring to companies.

Where can I study for a master’s degree in cloud computing?

To study for a master’s degree in cloud computing, you can consider several types of higher education establishments. There are specialized schools, computer science schools and engineering schools.

Specialized schools offer Master’s programs in cloud computing. Their training courses are generalized, but can provide basic knowledge in this field.

IT schools can be independent or affiliated to universities. They cover the IT sector, but also offer a range of specializations. Their master’s programs are an interesting way to train for the professions.

To become a cloud expert, you can opt for engineering schools such as ECE. They offer a comprehensive program integrating technical aspects and project management. They address the practical dimension of cloud computing.

What are the career prospects for a Master’s degree in cloud computing?

Depending on your choice of training and specialization, you can enter a variety of professions. Cloud analysts and cloud architects are the most popular professions among young graduates. These are technical positions that showcase your knowledge of the system.

With experience and your master’s degree, you have other possibilities, such as :

  • Cloud Project Manager ;
  • DevOps Cloud engineer ;
  • cloud Engineer ;
  • cloud Manager ;
  • Cloud developer ;

For more opportunities, feel free to set up your own cloud computing consulting business. This gives you the opportunity to work with different organizations and develop your own brand image.

Is it possible to take a master’s degree in cloud computing at ECE?

Our ECE engineering school offers a master’s degree in cloud computing. We offer a 2-year Master of Science (MSc) in Cloud Computing in Paris. It awards a diploma at bac +5 level.

Teaching is in English. During the course, you’ll acquire the skills you need to build an effective cloud strategy.

You can also choose the “Cloud Engineering & Management” major. It is aimed at those with a 4ᵉ and 5ᵉ year level. This 5-year program leads to the award of a baccalaureate +5 engineering degree. The CTI (Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur) accredits the latter.

How do I get into the ECE Cloud Computing Master’s program?

To enter ECE’s cloud computing master’s program, you need to have a baccalauréat +3 in a scientific or technical field.

Ideally, you should have a particular specialization in IT. This is an important requirement, as it guarantees that you have the basic knowledge to take a Master’s degree. Send your application on the official ECE website.

Updated 31 May 2024