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In today’s working world, IT and digital technology are omnipresent. Cloud computing is emerging as an indispensable lever for modern corporate technology infrastructure. This field is particularly attractive to students and retraining professionals. Why is cloud computing gaining in popularity? So what exactly are we talking about? How do you get into this sector? We answer your questions.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is a technology that provides easy access to computer server resources. It enables remote storage, data processing and access to IT services.

In practice, it eliminates the need for physical storage equipment, such as computers or local servers. Data and applications are available on Data Center servers. The latter can be developed by a cloud provider or on Google Cloud.

There are several types of cloud. Each is dedicated to a specific service:

  • the public cloud: owned by third-party cloud service providers. It offers storage servers accessible via a Web browser. It is also possible to use a CLI or API. It is the suppliers who manage the cloud software and infrastructure;
  • private cloud: this is when a single company or organization uses the cloud’s resources. It is hosted either in the data center on the owner’s site or by the service provider;
  • Hybrid cloud: a form of cloud between public and private services. Data can be shared between users. For businesses, the hybrid cloud offers greater scalability and flexibility in terms of data management;
  • Multicloud: this form of cloud involves several cloud providers. Companies can choose features and services to suit their needs.

Why work in cloud computing?

Working in cloud computing means being part of a fast-growing sector. This opens up a wide range of career opportunities, particularly in contributing to the digital transformation of many companies. This field offers the opportunity to work in a world at the cutting edge of technology and to meet stimulating technical challenges.

At the speed at which the cloud is evolving, the creation of new professions is following this trend. Business demand is on the rise, as organizations turn to digitization. Cloud computing talent is currently in short supply. So there’s a market to be seized.

Given the importance of this field, expert salaries are very attractive. The average entry-level cloud engineer earns between €40,000 and €42,000 gross per year. For the most experienced, remuneration is between 60,000 and 70,000 euros gross per year.

What careers are there in cloud computing?

Cloud computing encompasses a variety of specialized professions, including:

  • the cloud architect: responsible for designing the cloud infrastructure. He works closely with the development team to ensure the creation of ;
  • Cloud technicians: their role is to maintain systems, from monitoring to troubleshooting;
  • Cloud computing engineer: in charge of cloud deployment and optimization. His job is to program and automate processes. It also guarantees system safety;
  • cloud consultants: generally self-employed. Its mission is to present the best cloud solutions according to companies’ needs;
  • Cloud project manager: oversees cloud implementation and project progress. He coordinates the teams of technicians;
  • the FinOps expert: this specialist is in charge of monitoring, controlling and managing costs for cloud architectures;
  • DevSecOps engineer: this expert is responsible for ensuring security during all phases of cloud development.

How do you learn about cloud computing?

To learn about cloud computing, you can take initial or continuing education courses. The choice depends on the student’s level. For IT beginners, it’s best to opt for an initial training course that covers the basics of the cloud.

For the more experienced, however, it’s best to take further training courses. The length of studies varies according to the course. To qualify for a Master’s degree, you need a bachelor’s degree or a BUT in computer science.

Why choose ECE for cloud computing training?

ECE is an engineering school for young people with a passion for technology. We offer dedicated cloud computing training courses:

Both programs lead to Master’s degrees after 2 years of training.

The cloud engineering & management major is available in 4th year. What’s special about it is that it’s a sandwich course, favoring integration into the professional world. The language of instruction is English.

Updated 31 May 2024