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Cloud computing has revolutionized the way companies manage their data. Of all the cloud solutions available on the market, here are the best reasons to learn about this innovative technology. Find out more about the career paths available to cloud computing enthusiasts, and let us guide you towards the choice that best matches your career aspirations and personal goals.

In summary:

  • Training in cloud computing leads to great career opportunities with scope for advancement.
  • Growing demand in this market and attractive remuneration packages also encourage people to follow our lead.
  • It’s possible to learn about the cloud on your own, but a complete training course is more recommended for a better understanding.
  • ECE’s specialized programs, including the Bachelor of Computer Science and the MSc Cloud Computing, enable you to master this field.

Why train for the cloud?

There are many advantages to cloud training. The complexity of this field makes it a wise choice for those with a passion for statistics and mathematics. With its constant evolution, you stay up to date with the latest technology on the market.

What’s more, companies in all sectors are starting to adopt this technology. This means that the demand for qualified professionals in this field is growing.

A cloud training course will help you to access promising professional opportunities.

It allows you to remain competitive on the job market while benefiting from its advantages. It also offers you the chance to work in the sector of your choice, with a very attractive remuneration package. This is due to the importance of companies’ expectations. What’s more, the career prospects in this field are very attractive.

You are also free to work as an independent consultant after completing a cloud training course. This allows you to take on a variety of projects, giving you greater flexibility in your work.

In the cloud, assignments often involve data processing and security. This proves the importance of this technology for companies concerned about the fate of their sensitive information.

The cloud has a vast field of application, especially internationally. If you train in this field, you have the chance to travel and work abroad.

What level of education is required to work in the cloud?

To work in the cloud, you need solid training and a degree. Recruiters require at least a bac +3, but more frequently a bac +5. It depends on the specific job and the company. In fact, a master’s degree in cloud computing will give you the skills you need to excel in this sector.

More advanced positions require additional certifications in specific cloud-related technologies, such as :

  • AWS;
  • Azure ;
  • Google Cloud Platform.

Relevant professional experience in the field can also help you reach positions of responsibility.

Is it possible to learn cloud computing on your own?

In the digital age, many disciplines can be approached independently. Cloud computing can be one of them, but it’s always better to focus on training in this field. This one is more complete and rewarding. You’ll be working with Cloud experts on various modules.

It is also possible to obtain cloud computing certifications after short training sessions. They are very useful for proving your mastery of cloud computing knowledge and skills to future employers.

However, certifications are not a substitute for training or a diploma; rather, they add credibility to your profile. A diploma adds real value. It gives you greater consideration in the professional world.

Which cloud course to choose at ECE?

To train students in cloud computing, the ECE engineering school offers a range of programs, including the Bachelor of Computer Science and the MSc Cloud Computing. The Cloud Engineering & Management Major in the Engineering Program is also part of this program. Each course has its own specific features.

Bachelor in computer science

This 3-year course enables you to learn some of the basics of the cloud and quickly become a professional. It is offered at an initial rate, with the possibility of a 3ᵉ year sandwich course.

Once they have completed their training, students can choose to join the world of work, or continue their studies and specialize with a Bac +5 diploma. There are five specializations to choose from.

Cloud Engineering & Management major in the Engineering Program

The Cloud Engineering & Management Major is a program accessible in 4ᵉ and 5ᵉ year of the ECE engineering program. The apprenticeship lasts two years. At the end of the program, you will receive a diploma at bac +5 level, leading to the title of engineer.

Offered on a work-study basis, this course enables you to acquire both professional experience and theoretical knowledge.

MSc Cloud Computing

The MSc Cloud Computing leads to a 5-year degree. The course is open to students with a 3-year higher education qualification in science and technology (IT). Learning is carried out in English. This helps students acquire language skills that can be a real asset to their profile.

Updated 31 May 2024