Why become a Java developer?

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Do you want to project yourself into a future career after your studies? Become a Java developer. With the evolution of digital technology within companies, this language has become an indispensable tool. If you want to start a promising career in any professional sector, opt for a Java developer training.

Why do you want to become a Java developer?

In recent years, Java has become the most widely used and popular language. It is present in all our devices, from game consoles to laptops, from websites to supercomputers.

Becoming a Java developer is therefore a real opportunity to start a successful professional career. It is a job with a future, because companies are constantly recruiting talent that excels with this programming language.

In view of the exponential needs of the financial and banking world for Java developers, the job is in high demand. Note that Java is the preferred tool of software and digital product designers in all professional sectors working in the digital field.

What is the role of a Java developer in a company?

Within a company, the Java developer is in charge of writing code pages in Java language. His job is to design the codes in whole or in part of computer programs or client/server applications of websites.

For these tasks, the Java developer’s role is to:

  • the choice and design of the system and the Java architecture according to the project specifications;
  • development of new or updated Java applications;
  • the implementation of the project and its production;
  • writing documents that explain the codes;
  • Technical assistance and support by monitoring for updates.

What training do I need to become a Java developer?

If you are interested in this profession, you should know that you need to study computer science. To become a Java developer, a minimum of 2 years of higher education is required. You can specialize in the field with a BTS or a BUT in computer science.

For a position of responsibility, such as project manager, a longer curriculum is preferred. With a professional degree or a master’s degree in computer science, you will be more in demand by companies. For this purpose, a training in engineering school or specialized school, with a specialization in computer development, is better suited.

Know that a self-taught training on the internet is also a door to become a Java developer. These online training courses lead to an Oracle certificate at the end of the course.

What skills do I need to become a Java developer?

The job of a Java developer requires a perfect mastery of the Java language. Other skills are essential to complete your knowledge of JavaScript, such as :

  • have knowledge of one or more frameworks, such as JSF JavaServerFaces, HIbernate, Spring, Struts, Maven or GWT ;
  • master SQL databases , Oracle database, J2EE platform, Java enterprise edition ;
  • have knowledge of other more technical tools like GitLab or Github.

Note that the professional environment requires a number of personal qualities. Indeed, the Java developer must know how to work in a team, be methodical, have rigor and a sense of organization.

What is the difference between a Java developer and a software engineer?

In the IT world, making the difference between a software engineer and a Java developer is a real debate. However, it is rather easy to discern the professions according to their functions and roles within a company.

It should be noted that both software engineers and Java developers have high computer science qualifications. They know how to create and implement a Java script from A to Z.

That said, there is a big difference between these two professions and in their functions. Indeed, the Java developer elaborates a writing according to the immediate needs in terms of software. He puts his know-how in the creation of an application to satisfy the expectations of his client. To achieve this, he must collaborate with a programmer, management and communication experts.

On the other hand, the software engineer is the sole designer of the entire script. It is capable of performing all the tasks of a Java developer. His vision of the project is broader, as are his computer skills. Its main role is to set up the structure, the system and the architecture of the project.

Which training to choose at ECE to become a Java developer?

If you are interested in becoming a Java developer , you should know that many schools and universities offer this type of training. ConcerningECE, our engineering school, you need a degree in computer science or equivalent to follow the curriculum. Thanks to the program Bachelor’s degree in application design and developmentyou will be trained for the job. The training is dedicated to computer development in general, which includes learning the Java language.

Updated 2 January 2024