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With the rise of new technologies, the profession of Java application developer is expanding rapidly. Java is indeed a programming language used in the development of client and/or server applications. As for the Java developer, he takes note of and follows the specifications made by the project manager. His mission is to carry out a study and to develop the application so that it remains in conformity with the expectations and constraints-customer.

The Java application developer has a real knowledge in computer science and a perfect mastery of many software. He will create new applications, improve existing applications. What training do I need to become a Java Developer?

What training do I need to become a Java Developer?

Most developers prefer to specialize in a specific programming language. A complete trainingwithin a school such as ECE is highly recommended. is highly recommended. To become a Java Developer, some trainings can be used as a basis:

  • BTS Services Informatiques aux Organisations (SIO) ;
  • BTS Computer and Networks for Industry and Technical Services (IRIS).

Professional training is offered on the Java programming language. Many professionals want to develop their skills in computer development.

To become a Java Developer, a minimum of a BTS or BTS+3 degree in computer science is required. For other courses, a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in computer science is required. Moreover, it is possible to follow a Java training in autonomy via platforms like Openclassrooms or Udemy.

Where to train to become a Java Developer?

The training to become a Java Developer is available at the Engineering School or ECE. Our mission is to train engineers and experts in digital engineering to meet the challenges of the dual revolution of digital and sustainable development in all sectors of the economy. On-line training from a certified platform, or distance learning from an expert Java developer are also options.

What does the job of Java Developer consist of?

Literally, the Java developer codes on the Java programming language. Java is a development language used by millions of developers and installed in billions of devices worldwide.

The Java developer is responsible for writing code pages in the Java language used in client/server applications of websites or computer programs. He selects and operates the most appropriate Java solution and architecture for a given project, in correlation with the specifications submitted by the project manager.

The tasks of a Java Developer are varied:

  • the development of a new Java application or the addition of functionalities ;
  • the realization of unit tests and integrations ;
  • the implementation and production of the project;
  • writing explanatory and detailed documentation for certain parts of the code;
  • technical support and maintenance power of attorney;
  • the realization of a technological watch for the update of the existing code.

What are the qualities required to become a Java Developer?

Some qualities are required to become a Java Developer:

  • reactivity, autonomy and versatility;
  • understanding the basics of the English language;
  • excellent writing skills;
  • mastery of the Java language ;
  • knowledge of frameworks like Spring, Struts, JSF, GWT, Hibernate, Maven…

In addition, technical knowledge of other programming languages, SQL and ORACLE Database, J2EE platform is required.

To become a good Java developer, learning to work in a team is essential. You must also be rigorous, organized and adaptable.

What is the salary of a Java Developer?

The salary of a Java Developer varies according to several criteria such as technical skills, development experience, technical issues to be addressed, location of the company, sector and type of company, possible technical responsibilities.

Currently, salaries in Java development depend on the profile of the developer:

  • junior : 3 000-4 000€/month
  • experienced : 4 000-5 000€/month
  • senior : more than 5 000€/month

Which training to follow at ECE to become a Java Developer?

ECE proposes a training to become a Java Developer. With the Application Developer Bachelor Program, you will master the steps from design to production of a Web & Mobile application. Throughout the training, you will carry out projects that will allow you to make the link and the synthesis of your acquired skills.

This training program includes the following subjects:

  • Project management & methodology ;
  • Web technology ;
  • Android mobile application developmentIOS mobile application development ;
  • Languages and Humanities Training ;
  • Training course to prepare for professional life.
Updated 2 January 2024