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You are entering high school and would like to make your way in the computer industry. There are many ways to get into a computer science school. As early as the first or last year of general education, students can choose specialties and courses related to computer science and digital technology. Find out which baccalaureate to do to pursue computer science studies.

Which baccalaureate should I choose to study computer science?

If you dream of becoming a computer expert, know that you can start in high school. As soon as you are in the first or last year of high school, choose your orientation and continue your studies in computer science.

  • if you are in the general track, a Bac with a scientific orientation is recommended. The ISN, Computer Science and Digital Science specialization is an option favored by students wishing to go into computer science and digital technology;
  • Also note that computer training is longer in the technology stream. With a Bac STMG or STI2D, depending on the specialty and options, you can study computer science.

Engineering schools open their doors to you with one of these Bacs to study computer science.

Which specialty should I choose in my first and last year of high school to study computer science?

If you have followed the general track, the computer science option can be taken in the first or last year of high school. As of 2019, a science-oriented bachelor’s degree is recommended to enter a school in computer science. With a baccalaureate in economics, you can also have access to short or long courses related to computer science

To continue your graduate studies in computer science, the ISN specialization in the science series is the best option. With a bachelor’s degree in Computer and Digital Sciences, you will have a better perception of the job. These specialties give you access to engineering schools, such as ECE.

Which speciality should I choose in the STMG stream to study computer science?

If you are in the STMG stream, among the 4 specializations, there is the MIS, management information system. This specialty allows you to understand the role of information technology in the management of a company.

GIS introduces you to new software, programming basics and website development. By knowing the role of IT in a company, you will learn how to manage its online image.

This specialty introduces you to computerized organization, information system performance and communication. It is a true initiation to the digital environment in the professional environment.

Which course to choose in the STI2D stream to continue with computer science studies?

In the technological stream, you must obtain a STI2D baccalaureate. You must choose the specific teaching on information and digital systems, or INS. This is the best option if you want to focus your studies on embedded systems, applications or networks.

It is important to know that the specific INS teaching is part of the 2I2D specialization (Engineering, Innovation and Sustainable Development). This allows you to learn the world of digital technology through numerous projects.

Note that the STI2D stream includes 4 different specialties focused on the fields of industry and technology.

To enter a computer science program, you can also choose the ITEC or Technological Innovation and Ecodesign specialization. With a Bac STI2D specialization in ITEC, you will have access to all studies centered on computer networks, virtual systems and information management.

Is it possible to study computer science with a professional bac?

The answer to this question is yes! You can start higher education in computer science with a Bac pro.

To do this, you must go into the SN or Digital Systems field. As a professional bachelor, this specialty focuses your training in digital equipment and installations.

With a Bac pro SN, the option Computer networks and communicating systems opens the door to higher education. This is the ideal option for training in Telecommunications and Networks or Industrial Electronics.

Which higher education in computer science to choose after the baccalaureate?

Once you have your Baccalaureate among these specialties, there are many higher education courses in computer science. The choice of program depends on the professional career you wish to enter. Whether you come from a general or technological school, engineering schools, such as the ECE, offer you :

  • a Bachelor Software Engineering program, or mobile web development. The training lasts 3 years and is sanctioned by a title RNCP of level bac + 3;
  • The same is true for the bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity and networks. The program leads to a professional license in computer science, a Bac + 3 RNCP title;
  • Bachelor security developer Bac + 3: the training is dedicated to all students with a baccalaureate in mathematics, computer science or technology. At the end of the study, the student obtains a RNCP title of level Bac+3.

Our school also offers master’s degree courses in computer science, such as :

  • The Information Systems and Cybersecurity major, this program begins in the first year. Then, the student follows a progressive specialization program until the 5th year. This training is validated by a master in computer science;

The master of science in cybersecurity manager is a course of study leading to a master’s degree in computer science. The training lasts two years for a Bac + 3 and one year if you have a M1 in computer science or equivalent.

Updated 2 January 2024