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The IT sector has been booming in recent years. With the technological evolutions, all sectors are looking for and recruiting computer technicians or engineers. If you want to get into the business, you should know that there are many training courses in computer science or digital technology. This article reveals what the best computer science degree is.

What are the different degrees offered in computer science?

If you are tempted by this promising sector, you should know that there are different degrees in computer science. After the Bac, in the general or technological track, the student can enter engineering schools or university. Graduate studies in computer science lead to the following degrees:

The BTS, a Bac + 2 in computer science

After two years of BTS training in computer science, one obtains a Bac + 2 degree. This short course is professional and allows the student to quickly join the working world. There are different options related to computer science in BTS. You can for example follow a BTS in digital system option computer and network SIO, computer services to the Organizations.

A Bac +3 in computer science, professional license

To get hired quickly, a BTS, a professional license or a bachelor’s degree with one year of specialization after the BTS is ideal.

French engineering schools and universities offer 250 professional degree and bachelor’s degree programs on a sandwich basis. You can choose between different specialties, such as business computing, networks, statistics or telecoms. This is the right way to get into a master’s degree in computer science.

5 years of higher education, a master’s degree in computer science

After a bachelor’s degree in computer science, starting a master’s degree in computer science is the path taken by many students. A Bac + 3 opens the doors of engineering schools and choose a master in :

  • MIAGE, computer methods applied to business management;
  • MIASHS, Master’s degree in computer science applied to humanities and social sciences.

These two programs are the most sought after by recruiters after 2 years of study. You should know that these degrees are offered by about twenty universities and institutions in France.

You can also opt for one of the MSc (Master of Science) offered at ECE, an engineering school specialized in digital and technologies. Various specialties are taught in MSc, such as data engineering and artificial intelligence, digital industry or cybersecurity.

What is the best graduate degree in computer science?

The increase in hiring affects the IT sector, accounting for 60% of executive CDIs in 2019, this concerns both IT technicians and engineers. This means that all higher education degrees are sought after by recruiters.

  • with a Bac + 2 in computer science, BTS or DUT, or a professional license, you will find the right job;
  • The Master of Science in Computer Science is the best graduate degree in computer science. With a Bac + 5 and a specialization in MIAGE or MIASHS, you will have a position of manager. In addition, the salary is very motivating;
  • In universities, computer science training is subject to the LMD system. After a master’s degree, you can continue your studies with a specialization in computer engineering. Then, start a PhD in computer science.

How do I get into a master’s degree in computer science?

If you are looking for a position as a project manager or leader, a 5-year degree in computer science is ideal. To enter a master’s degree in computer science, you must have a professional license, a bachelor’s degree or equivalent.

Depending on the engineering school or faculty, a Bac + 3 in mathematics can be admitted to a master’s program. This implies a strong knowledge of computers.

Note that a Bac+5 program begins with a year in M1 as a common core. The program is focused on basic subjects, such as programming, databases, multimedia systems, English.

It is most often in M2 that the student can choose a specialization, depending on the programs, majors and options offered by the institution.

Is it possible to prepare for a degree in computer science at the university?

Yes, all high school graduates who meet the requirements can complete their computer science degree at the university.

For a university course, it is necessary to have the adapted Bac in mathematics, in SMTG or STI2D. The training is sanctioned by a general license after 3 years. This is the phase of learning the fundamental knowledge of the discipline.

There is also the professional license in computer science. The LP is intended for BTS or DEUST graduates who are considering a sectoral specialization. It can be prepared in initial, continuing or alternating training.

With a Bac + 3 in computer science or mathematics, the university also offers a master in computer science.

Why prepare a degree in computer science in engineering school?

Engineering schools, such as the ECE, offer specialized training to baccalaureate students from the first year. With a two-year preparatory cycle, these institutions introduce students to the fundamental bases of computer science and digital technology. The program includes general subjects.

From the 3rd year onwards, students choose the specialty that corresponds to their future professional career. The master’s degree in computer science is completed by a 6 to 12 month internship in a company or can be completed in a sandwich course.

Is it possible to get a PhD in computer science?

The answer is yes, you can continue your higher education in computer science until Bac +8. The PhD degree is prepared 3 years after the master in computer science.

To do so, the doctoral student must conduct extensive research in the field of mathematics and computer science. A doctorate in computer science is sanctioned by the defense of a thesis.

Updated 2 January 2024