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What is the average grade point average required to enter an engineering school?

Many recent graduates want to start the long course of study that is engineering. There are many advantages to working in this promising sector. Full employment, attractive remuneration from the moment of hiring, great prospects for development during the career… However, the requirements are very high and demand a level of excellence throughout the course.

According to a study concerning the average grades of students who entered engineering schools in September 2021, the average grade obtained is 15.24. Some engineering schools have recruited with averages below 15. It would appear that beyond this average, the ability to enter a majority of institutions becomes more complex.

For the most prestigious schools, and therefore the most selective, the average required is 17/20. Among the institutions of excellence, the averages are :

  • Polytechnique : 17.93
  • école des mines ParisTech : 17,85
  • Ecole des ponts ParisTech 17.72
  • Telecom Paris 17.65

How do I get a good academic record to enter an engineering school?

The academic record is a fundamental element in the assessment of a student’s application to school. There are many standards that allow the school to build a picture of the student. Of course, all the grades are part of the evaluation, but other elements are just as important:

  • absences
  • attendance
  • the increase in results over the year
  • punctuality
  • Involvement during the courses
  • Teachers’ appreciation
  • The student’s wishes concerning his/her orientation

While schools place a premium on results, it is not the only determining factor in selection. Being fallible on some subjects is not necessarily discriminatory. Accidents happen and the margin of progress is more representative of the work done during the year. It is therefore essential to target your shortcomings, both in terms of disciplines and attitude, and to resolve them quickly so that the evolution is visible and significant. It is overall behavior that promotes a good academic record, not just attendance during exams.

Another key to a good record is not to neglect any subject in favor of others. Even if scientific subjects are more in demand to become an engineer, languages and French represent an important level of general culture for an engineer. Therefore, you should not choose your subjects according to your abilities, but only do a complete work, at all levels, in order to harmonize your knowledge and maximize your skills.

The choice of options is also particularly important when considering the orientation towards a specific course of study. Being coherent in one’s choice of subjects and extracurricular activities reveals part of the student’s personality and thus supports the relevance of his or her orientation. Therefore, nothing should be left to chance during its course. Rather than the simple fact of results, it is a combination of factors that indicate the quality of an academic record.

How do I know if I have the profile to go to engineering school?

The engineering profession has become essential in the industrial development of our modern societies. The job is diversifying in a large number of sectors and remains to this day, a profession particularly prized by companies. But what profile is needed to enter an engineering school?

  • First of all, a future engineer must have skills in the scientific and technological field. Even though the disciplines taught are vast, the field of mathematics, physics and computer science represents a necessary and indispensable basis for preparing a career in engineering. A scientific profile will find it easier to complete the course.
  • Another word to remember about the engineer profile is versatility. Rarely will a job require you to master so many skills. In addition to providing technical expertise in a specific field, the engineer must supervise and manage teams, know how to negotiate rates (often internationally), master the law… He or she must be able to hold a large number of positions, while adapting to the sector of activity (agriculture, banking, services…)

Which baccalaureate should I choose to go to engineering school?

  • In order to become an engineer, students must show a definite interest in scientific subjects. The majority of engineering schools admit students who have completed a Bac S in accordance with the coherence of an engineering training program.
  • It is also possible to go through a technological or even a generalist stream. No baccalaureate is required to enter a school. You will still have to choose 2 scientific specialties in Première and Terminale to justify your approach. In addition to mathematics, some subjects are also required. Among them, we can mention :
    – Physics Chemistry
    – Engineering Sciences
    – Life and Earth Sciences

I don’t have good grades, what do you advise me to do to enter an engineering school?

The engineering course is one of the most demanding. To get in, academic records are judged on many aspects, including the year’s results. In addition, the level of excellence required extends to all subjects, not just majors. As you can see, poor grades are not an option for admission to this type of institution. We cannot advise you enough to make a change of direction towards a field of study more in line with your affinities.

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Updated 2 January 2024