Why did you join the ECE?

I joined the ECE after two years of conventional preparatory courses for three main reasons, all of which are still relevant today: the ECE’s statistics on entry to the job market are excellent in terms of hiring and pay, the engineering cycle program, which combines theory and practice, is very interesting and instructive, and the premises are very well located, in the heart of Paris.

Can you tell us an ECE anecdote?

I became interested in setting up my own business thanks to the entrepreneurship minor in my second year of engineering studies. It enabled us to imagine, develop and present a business creation project. At the time, we had designed a mock-up of a site offering both streaming and DVD movie rentals.

What is your fondest memory of the ECE?

This is probably the month-long management seminar at Staffordshire University in England. The English-language management courses added variety to the curriculum, and we stayed with friends on campus. Since then, I’ve noticed that the choice has expanded considerably, as ECE has forged many partnerships with other universities around the world.

What did you do after the ECE?

After graduating in engineering, I took a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship at Grenoble Ecole de Management. After graduating, I decided to set up my own IT services company. This company, Landvart, is made up of two divisions: a network division, which provides computer network installation and maintenance services for businesses, and a development division, which designs customized business applications. Today, we are looking to acquire new premises in order to continue our growth. Among other things, setting up this company enabled me to apply the technical skills in programming and networks I’d acquired at ECE.

You’ve just launched your own startup, Lead Advisor. Can you tell us a bit about it?

When I set up my own IT services company, I realized that the main problem for small businesses operating in the B2B sector was finding new customers who were solid and good payers. In this field, Internet searches are generally one-way: the search for suppliers. The search for customers and business opportunities is more complex, and involves prospecting phases that can be long and fruitless. As for professional social networks, they are more focused on job search.

So I came up with the idea of creating Lead Advisor, a platform that publishes leads in the form of calls for tender or requests for quotes, enabling small and medium-sized businesses to find new professional customers. Lead Advisor currently focuses exclusively on the private security sector. The platform enables you to receive several quotes for security services for your premises or events: security guards, remote surveillance, installation of alarm, access control and video surveillance systems, etc. For private security companies looking to expand their customer base, the site represents an opportunity to find new contracts.

What can we wish you for the future?

Generate sufficient profits in the private security sector to consider covering other areas of activity on the platform. Eventually, Lead Advisor’s aim is to become a generalist site, where companies from all sectors can find new customers.

To find out more about Lead Advisor, click here: https://www.leadadvisor.fr/

Updated 2 January 2024