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The OMNES Education Group, to which ECE belongs, addressed the issues of employability of young people today and in the world to come.

During an Action Tank on this vast subject OMNES Education received more than 21 speakers who came to share their expertise and deliver their valuable advice.

Understanding the state of the job market, choosing a apprenticeship program, applying to sectors that are recruiting, identifying the jobs of tomorrow … experts such as Anne-Sophie Barthez from the Ministry of Higher Education or Julien Noble, VP of Marketing at Warner Bros International answered these questions.

Around the directors of all the schools of the OMNES Education Group, it was a busy morning that the Internet users could enjoy.

What’s in it for me? All the essentials for successful professional integration in the current context.

Adopt hybridization

This is one of the keys to the next world.
François STEPHAN, General Manager of ECE, specifies it: “one of the great specificities of the profiles sought in engineering, are hybrid profiles”. Knowing how to combine the dimensions of geopolitics, management, business, etc. is increasingly important.

Identify promising professions

The health crisis linked to covid-19 has profoundly changed the world of work. If some professions are disappearing or working at a slower pace, other sectors are even more promising. François STEPHAN confirms this: “Engineering is now clearly everywhere: data, telecoms, virtual reality, augmented reality, systems engineering, software engineering, data science, etc.”. New jobs are emerging with the digitalization of the industry.

Work on your network

The network is extremely important!
Albena GADJANOVA, Director of Corporate Relations at ECE, gives her tips: you have to activate your networks to bring out the hidden job market. 4 steps to reach the hidden job market! And it is in this market that 90% of job offers are hidden. So you know what you have to do … !

Victoria MANDEFIELD, ECE alumni class of 2017 created Soliguide, an online solidarity guide aiming at fighting against the exclusion of the homeless. In Victoria’s team a developer comes from ECE. When looking to recruit, Victoria looks to her friends and classmates before looking elsewhere. This is the strength of the network!

Develop your soft skills

“What I wouldhave liked to have been told is that you really have to sit down and think about what you want to do in life. Victoria MANDEFIELD says that as a student you don’t necessarily take the time to think about your professional future. Often out of fear. It is extremely important to ask the right questions in order to take the right direction.

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Updated 9 May 2022